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The hardcore-multiplayer-survival game Hurtworld, developed and published by Bankroll Studios, sets the player in a big, extensive world with different climatic areas and biomes, in which the fight for survival takes place. The game remembers on known survival games, like Rust or ARK: Survival Evolved. The graphics of the game, which remember on Borderlands gives the game an unique flair. This deep game feeling can be experienced on a prepaid game server of Nitrado.

In the beginning, the player will wake up in a world without any equipment or food. The first steps are to fulfill the personal needs, build own bases and, of course, fight for survival. For this, there are huge amounts of weapons and tools available, started with primitive hand tools, spears and bows, up to full-automatic guns, drills and explosives. Far-reaching technologies needs to be discovered first. Also, there are vehicles scattered around the world.They can be repaired and used to travel the world faster and to track and trace the personal enemies.

In addition to the enemy players, there are dangerous creatures and wild animals which are lurking for the player. They can be defeated through tactics or pure domination. It is clearly to see, that Hurtworld has its main focus on the survival part, this is supported by impressive battles in a wasteland optic. The players will be forced out of their comfort zone but they will be rewarded with valuable materials and higher technologies. The game adjusts itself to the current game, therefore the difficulty will raise constantly. Even more dangerous animals, harder environment and new challenges will wait for the player to be mastered through impressive skills.


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