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What is Feed the Beast?

Feed the Beast (algunos lo conocen como FTB)

Feed the Beast (FTB as some refer it to) is a modified, standalone version of Minecraft. It uses your standard Minecraft login, but not your standard Minecraft client. You can mod your standard minecraft, but it requires an IMMENSE amount of effort.
In Feed the Beast, you choose between multiple modpacks (such as FTB Lite, Infinity Evolved, Infinity Skyblock, Mindcrack and many more!) The modpacks combines make a Minecraft experience you may not even recognize! Each modpack contains other modifications such as tech, or natural changes such as Direwolf20, lite, retro, ultimate, mindcrack and many more!

To play on a FTB Server, you need the FTB Launcher


Once you have downloaded the FTB Launcher, you must put the file into its own folder. This is because FTB installs itself directly into that folder you placed it in, keeping everything within a confined place.

Afterwards, you will be greeted with an interface that may look similar to this:


Click the "Select Profile" Tab and click "Create Profile" to enter your Minecraft Login credentials.

Now that the game is installed, browse the available modpacks (For example Direwolf20's latest version is FTB presents Direwolf20 (v1.10.0) Minecraft Version 1.7.10)
and click, "Launch" to download the modpack onto your client.

This will run the client, with the installed mods on your system. The game will open and you can play the new mods you just installed!

Installation onto/Changing the mods on your Publicserver

When you rent a Server through Nitrado, you have the option to choose which Modpack to install onto your server.

An easy way to change the mod you wish to play on is by using the "Switch Game" feature within the server Webinterface.

  • First, log into your Webinterface of your server and click on "Switch Game"
  • Now watch out for Feed The Beast
  • You will be taken to a page, similar to this one:


Click the dropdown menu and a search option will appear, where you can type in "Minecraft (Feed the Beast)" and the rest of the mods will show up.
Choose the mod you wish to install and the server will install it for you.

Additional Mods in your server

If you wish to install additional mods onto your server, you will need to add the unzipped mods to the "Mods" folder through FTP.

(Guide on how to access your FTP)

Once within your FTP, (And your server is shut down before you make any changes!), locate the "minecraftftb" folder and then find the "mods" folder, where you can upload your mods.
Please make sure you have added the mods to your own FTB client!