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Vaya al [http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/citizens/ DevBukkit project site] y descargue el complemento que utiliza la versión de su servidor. <br>
Ahora tiene que cargar el complemento a la carpeta de complementos en la carpeta de su servidor. Puede hacerlo utilizando el servidor FTP que se explica [https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/FTP_-_Filezilla aqui].<br>
Ve al [http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/citizens/ DevBukkit project site] y descarga el complemento que utiliza la versión de tu servidor. <br>
Ahora tienes que cargar el complemento a la carpeta de complementos en la carpeta de tu servidor. Puedes hacerlo utilizando FTP, explicado [https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/FTP_-_Filezilla aqui].<br>
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Ve al DevBukkit project site y descarga el complemento que utiliza la versión de tu servidor.
Ahora tienes que cargar el complemento a la carpeta de complementos en la carpeta de tu servidor. Puedes hacerlo utilizando FTP, explicado aqui.


Ruta /minecraftbukkit/plugins/Essentials/config.yml

Descargo de responsabilidad
NO cambie las siguientes líneas:

    min: 3
    max: 13
  look: 5
  pathfinding: 16.0
    max-stationary: -1
    max-pathing: -1
    delay: 72000
    save-often: true
    use-task: true
    right-click-pause: 70

Citizens.yml (General)

# Citizens Configuration
      bystandersheartargetedchat: true
      maxnumberoftargetstoshow: 2
      multipletargetsformat: <target>|, <target>| & <target>| & others
      range: 5
      notargets: '[<npc>]: <text>'
      withtargettobystanders: '[<npc>] -> [<target>]: <text>'
      totarget: '[<npc>] -> You: <text>'
      withtargetstobystanders: '[<npc>] -> [<targets>]: <text>'
    lookclose: # NPCs turning heads towards players settings
      enabled: false # whether look close is enabled by default
      range: 5 # the look close range
      range: 25.0 # the maximum pathfinding range to search through before giving up
    randomtalker: true # whether the NPC will randomly select a text item instead of sequentially
    realisticlooking: false # whether the NPC will ensure potential players to look at / talk to aren't obscured by walls
    stationaryticks: -1 # how long the NPC will be stationary while pathfinding before giving up
      enabled: false # default talk close
      range: 5 # range before NPC talks
      '0': Hi, I'm <npc>! # default text
    defaultlimit: 10 # the default per-player NPC limit
    maxpermissionchecks: 100 # the maximum number of per-player NPCs a player can have
    maxspeed: 100 # the maximum speed an NPC can have
    alwayskeeploaded: false # whether to always keep chunks loaded with NPCs in them or unload them when there are no other players inside the chunk
    quickselect: false # no message will be sent
    item: '280' # the selector item: default is stick
    message: <b>You selected <a><npc><b>! # the message sent on select
    removefromlist: true # setting this to false will enable human NPCs to be recognised by mobs; it will also make them just like a normal player, which means other plugins will recognise them as well. This can be enabled per-NPC using /npc playerlist
  serverownership: false # whether the server owns NPCs by default
    maxtalkcooldown: 1 # the maximum cooldown before the NPC will talk close in seconds : the cooldown is chosen at random between the min/max
    mintalkcooldown: 1 # the minimum cooldown before the NPC will talk close in seconds
    talkitem: '340' # the items that will cause the NPC to talk to you on right click : default is book
    usenewfinder: false # EXPERIMENTAL: enable non-Minecraft pathfinder
  checkminecraftversion: true # set this to false to disable minecraft compatibility checks. Should not normally be used.
    delay: 72000 # the delay in ticks before everything gets serialised to disk
  file: saves.yml # the storage file
  type: yaml # the type: can be NBT, YAML.
  debugmode: false # enable debug output
    messagehighlight: <e> # set the default highlight colour: usually yellow.
    message: <a> # set the default message colour: usually green.
    locale: '' # set the locale explicitly if needed: eg. en_US is US English, de_DE is the generic German locale
    cost: 100.0 # the cost of an NPC. NOTE: requires Vault
  folder: plugins # subplugins like Denizen etc can be placed into Citizens/<subplugins folder> for organisational purposes.


Comandos de administrador

Comandos utilizados para la administración de ciudadanos.

Comandos de administrador
Comando Permiso Descripción
/citizens citizens.admin Mostrar información básica del complemento
/citizens reload citizens.admin Recargar ciudadanos
/citizens save citizens.admin Guardar NPC y configuración

Comandos de ayuda

Comandos utilizados en el juego para mostrar la pantalla de ayuda.

Help Commands
Comando Descripción de Args Permiso Descripción
/citizens help (Page) - Número de página para mostrar citizens.help Mostrar menú de ayuda Ciudadanos
/npc help (Page) - Número de página para mostrar citizens.npc.help Mostrar el menú de ayuda de la APN
/trait help (Page) - Número de página para mostrar citizens.trait.help Mostrar el menú de ayuda de rasgos
/script help (Page) - Número de página para mostrar citizens.script.help Mostrar menú de ayuda de secuencias de comandos
/template help (Page) - Número de página para mostrar citizens.template.help Mostrar el menú de ayuda de la plantilla
/waypoints help (Page) - Número de página para mostrar citizens.waypoints.help Mostrar menú de ayuda de waypoints

Comandos NPC

Comandos generales utilizados para todos los NPC.

'/npc trait 'ha sido reemplazado, hay un nuevo conjunto de comandos para agregar, eliminar y copiar rasgos.

/trait {traitname] ahora se usa para agregar rasgos y personajes.
Comandos NPC
Comando Descripción de Args Requerir seleccionado Require Ownership Requerir tipos de mobs Permiso Descripción
/npc None Yes Yes No None Mostrar información básica de la APN
/npc age [adult, baby, integer, -l] - Adulto establece como adulto, bebé como bebé, entero de edad especifica una edad exacta, -l alterna si la edad está bloqueada Yes Yes Yes - COW, SHEEP, CHICKEN, PIG, VILLAGER, OCELOT, WOLF citizens.npc.age Modificar la edad de un PNJ
/npc anchor anchor (--save [name], --assume [name], --remove [name]) (-a)(-c) - guarda una ubicación como un "ancla" que se puede suponer a través de asumir [name] Yes Yes No citizens.npc.anchor Cambia / guarda / enumera las anclas de ubicación de NPC
/npc behaviour behaviour [scripts] (-r) -- scripts is a comma separated list of script file names to look for, -r flag removes them from the NPC. Yes Yes No citizens.npc.behaviour Adds and removes behaviours from an NPC. A behaviour is a script file that is executed and adds 'goals' to the NPC which can run every tick. These can do anything you can program/think of!
/npc controllable None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.controllable.[npc type name] Toggles the NPC's controllable status. Controllable NPCs can be right clicked to be mounted and controlled with WASD. Ghasts, Blazes and Endersragons can be flown by left clicking once mounted to pause/unpause flying.
/npc copy (--name NewName) -- new name is the name of the copied NPC. Yes Yes No citizens.npc.copy Create a new NPC from the currently selected NPC, copying all traits.
/npc create [NPC Name] - Name to give NPC
(--type [type]) - Mob type to use
--trait [trait1] [trait2] ... - A list of traits to apply to the NPC
Yes Yes No citizens.npc.create.mobtype or citizens.npc.create.* Create a new NPC.

Example : /npc create Jimbo Stevenson --type PIG

/npc despawn (id) the ID of the NPC to despawn Yes Yes No citizens.npc.despawn Despawn a NPC
/npc gamemode [gamemode] the gamemode to use Yes Yes PLAYER citizens.npc.gamemode Sets a Player NPC's game mode.
/npc gravity None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.gravity Toggles gravity on the NPC.
/npc equip None Yes Yes Yes - PLAYER, PIG, SHEEP, ENDERMAN citizens.npc.edit.equip Toggle equipment editor. Used for player armor, player and endermen items, sheep color/sheared, and pig saddles.
/npc list (-a) - List all NPCs
(--owner (owner)) - Owner
(--type (type)) - Mob type
(--char (character)) - Character
No No No citizens.npc.list List NPCs that match at least one of the given conditions
/npc lookclose None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.lookclose Toggle a NPC's look-close state
/npc moveto --x [x] --y [y] --z [z] --world [world] Yes Yes No citizens.npc.moveto The NPC's current location is taken as the base location. Value arguments are used to modify this base.
/npc mount None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.mount Mount the currently selected NPC, if it is controllable.
/npc owner (name) - Name of the new owner, set as "server" if you want Citizens Admins (players with "citizens.admin" permission) to be owner Yes Yes No citizens.npc.owner Sets the owner of a NPC
/npc path None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.edit.path Toggle path editor. Left click to add a waypoint, right click to remove, mousewheel or number keys to select individual waypoints.
/npc pathrange [range] - New range for the NPC Yes Yes No citizens.npc.pathfindingrange Set the range in number of blocks in which the NPC can find a path.
/npc playerlist None Yes Yes PLAYER citizens.npc.playerlist Toggles an NPC as a 'real' player, so that it will be more recognised by other plugins, will keep chunks loaded and crops ticking.
/npc pose (-a) - Sets the position of the NPC's head to the current position of the Player's head. Useful for setting where NPCs are specifically looking post-creation.
''(--save [name]|--load [name]|--remove [name)''
Yes Yes Yes - PLAYER citizens.pose Changes/Stores NPC's head position based on the Player's current position.
/npc power None Yes Yes Yes - CREEPER citizens.npc.power Toggle whether a creeper NPC is powered
/npc profession BLACKSMITH, LIBRARIAN, BUTCHER, FARMER, or PRIEST Yes Yes Yes - VILLAGER citizens.npc.profession Change a villager-type NPC's profession.
/npc remove (all) - Will remove all NPCs Yes (Not if "all" is used) Yes No citizens.npc.remove, (citizens.admin.remove.all) Remove a NPC
/npc rename [name] - New name for the NPC Yes Yes No citizens.npc.rename Rename a NPC
/npc select [id] - ID of the NPC to select No Yes No citizens.npc.select Selects a NPC with the given ID
/npc size [size] - the integer size for the slime Yes Yes SLIME citizens.npc.size Sets a slime's size.
/npc skeletontype [type] - 0 or NORMAL for normal, 1 or WITHER for wither skeleton Yes Yes SKELETON citizens.npc.skeletontype Changes a Skeleton NPC's type (currently between WITHER and NORMAL)
/npc spawn [id] - ID of the NPC you want to spawn Yes Yes No citizens.npc.spawn Spawn a existing NPC
/npc speed Yes Yes No citizens.npc.speed changes the NPC's default speed multiplier. i.e. use 2 to double the normal speed.
/npc text None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.edit.text Toggle text editor. Note that players need the citizens.npc.talk permission to hear NPCs!
/npc tphere None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.tphere Teleport a NPC to your location
/npc tp None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.tp Teleport to a NPC
/npc type [type] - the new entity type Yes Yes No citizens.npc.type Changes an NPC's mob type.
/npc vulnerable None Yes Yes No citizens.npc.vulnerable Toggles whether the NPC can take damage and die, and whether monsters will target it when it is on the player list
/npc zombiemod (-b, -v) - -b for baby, -v for villager Yes Yes ZOMBIE citizens.npc.zombiemodifier Sets a zombie NPC's modifiers.
/trait [trait1] [trait2] ... [traitN - A list of traits to apply Yes Yes No citizens.npc.trait.* or citizens.npc.trait.<trait-name> for per-trait permissions Adds the trait type to the NPC. NPCs can have multiple traits.

Example: /trait sentry }}