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BungeeCord is a program which functions as a proxy and allows connection from multiple servers.
It further allows to switch between all connected serves by either commands or portals without any client modifications needed.
BungeeCord is not a plugin, but a standalone program which runs beside your normal minecraft server and uses an API to communicate. There are extra plugins available for BungeeCord which allow you to extend its functionality even more by adding portals for instance.

Graphical explanation of BungeeCord's functionality


This explanation can only be used for Nitrado servers


You don't need to modify the client in any way in order for BungeeCord to work properly. A normal Minecraft client is able to connect to your server just fine.


To install BungeeCord on a Nitrado Minecraft server, you need to tick the option field which is labeled with "activate BungeeCord" and click the "Save" button afterwards. You can do so in your Gameserver's Webinterface in the "BungeeCord" tab on the left side.
A folder named "BungeeCord", which holds your server's configuration will be created afterwards.

Manual update

The BungeeCord.jar file has a server version on its own. It is therefore necessary to update said file yourself, if you change the Minecraft server's version.
All version can be found here: [[1]] .
One needs to download the .jar file from the above mentioned location and replace the corresponding file on his server.

config.yml (Examples and explanation)

 fallback_server: lobby

This is the "fallback server" where you will be teleported to, if you got kicked by any of its child servers.

 max_players: 100

You can define the maximum amount of players in your whole network here. Please note that you can't exceed the player limit on your regular minecraft server with this option.


This is the IP address and port which will be bound to your BungeeCord server. This address will be used by the players to connect to your server.

 tab_size: 60

You can set the maximum size of your servers user list, which can be accessed by pressing the TAB key here.

 force_default_server: false

If this is set to true, players will always connect to your lobby server. If this value is set to false players will spawn on the server from which they disconnected.

 texture_size: 16

You can set the resoulution of your server's texture ore resource pack here, if you are using one.

 motd: hosted by Nitrado.net

This is the message of the day which will be displayed in the multiplayer list in Minecraft. Please note that BungeeCord uses own color indicators.

 default_server: S1

This value should hold the name of your standard server of your network. Players will always spawn there on their first connection.

   restricted: false
   restricted: false
   restricted: false

All servers which are connected to your network should be listed here. In this example the network holds three servers: lobby, S1 and S2. You can switch between the servers by using their name like "/server lobby".

 - bungeecord.command.server
 - bungeecord.command.list
 - bungeecord.command.alert
 - bungeecord.command.end
 - bungeecord.command.ip
 - bungeecord.command.reload

It is always recommended to use two permission systems, one for the Minecraft server itself (eg. PermissionsEX) as well as one for the BungeeCord server which offers a built-in permission system. The BungeeCord permission system allows you to restrict the access to commands like /server, /glist, /alert, /end and more.

tab_list: GLOBAL_PING

This value controls which players are listed in the Minecraft player list. You can set either GLOBAL_PING to show all players in your network or SERVER to restrict the list to the current server.

player_limit: -1

You can limit the amount of players who can play on your BungeeCord instance(-1 means unlimited).

online_mode: true

You can enable or disable the online mode with this variable.

timeout: 30000

Should the BungeeCord proxy under any circumstances not respond for the given time in milliseconds, it will disconnect all players and stop itself.

 - admin   

The permission group memberships can be defined here. For more input search the permissions section.


The server on which every player was logged in will be stored here if force_default_server is set to "false".


Important: The value "connection-throttle" in your server's bukkit.yml has to be set to "-1".


The value "online-mode" in your server's "server.properties" file has to be set to "false", otherwhise it will override your BungeeCord configuration.
Note point 3 in "Firewall"


Shows all available firewall settings

The recommended settings are split to 3 categories. These settings are important to maintain security on your server!

The firewall is used to deny direct connections to your network's servers. This is important, because every Minecraft server in your network has to be set to "online-mode=false" in order for BungeeCord to verify the Minecraft accounts of the players.

BungeeCord and Gameserver

If you want to start your BungeeCord proxy and the Gameserver simultaneous, the following settings should be issued:

  1. Tick the option labeled "activate BungeeCord".
  2. Select "Only allow connections from this BungeeCord"

Note: You Minecraft server will be bound to port 25665 because the default port 25565 will be used by the BungeeCord server.

BungeeCord only

To use only BungeeCord, without a Minecraft server in the background, the following settings should be issued:

  1. Tick the option labeled "activate BungeeCord"
  2. Tick the option labeled "start BungeeCord only"
  3. Deactivate your firewall

With this settings chosen, only the BungeeCord proxy will be started.

Connect your Gameserver to your BungeeCord network without starting BungeeCord

To connect a Gameserver to your BungeeCord network, you can enable your server's firewall to deny a direct connection to the server.

  1. Don't tick the option "activate BungeeCord"
  2. Firewall: select "Allow connections from this IP only" and enter the IP address without a port of your BungeeCord server into the input field.

BungeeCord Server Commands

Command Permission Description
/alert <message> bungeecord.command.alert Sends a message to all connected players in the network. Color codes may be used.
/bungee / Displays the version of your BungeeCord proxy.
/glist bungeecord.command.list Shows all players connected to your network.
/greload bungeecord.command.reload Reloads the server's configuration. It is not recommended to use this command regularly. A restart is more recommended to reload your server's configuration.
/ip <player> bungeecord.command.ip Shows a player's IP address.
/perms / Lists your own permissions and groups.
/send <player/current/all> <target> bungeecord.command.send Sends a defined player to a new server(<target>). You are able to choose between a single player(player), all players(all) or every player on the current server(current).
/server [server] bungeecord.command.server You can either list all possible servers with "/server" or connect to a specific server by issuing the command "/server name".
/find [player] bungeecord.command.find This command allows you to search players connected to the BungeeCord network.