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Servermod: Bukkit‎
Category: Admin Tools, Chat, Info
Developer: zachoooo
Developer Website:
Description: Sends messages in a set interval
Features: -


Config file: /minecraftbukkit/plugins/ZavAutoMessager/config.yml

Default config for ZavAutoMessager.
Visit for more help
Plugin created by the ZavCoding Team
Authors: javoris767 and zachoooo.
Make sure all your messages are inside of single quotes. (This makes sure that color and special characters work properly)
If you want to make your own line breaks MAKE SURE WORDWRAP IS FALSE!!! Custom line breaks are only supported when wordwrap is off.
Update checking requires an internet connection.
Set update checking to false if you have no internet connection or you have a very strict firewall.
enabled: true wordwrap: true delay: 60 # In Seconds permissionsenabled: false # If true, only people with permission can view the message. chatformat: '[&6AutoMessager&f]: %msg' messageinrandomorder: false # Should the messages be displayed in a random order updatechecking: true messagesinconsole: true requireplayersonline: true dontrepeatrandommessages: true messages: default: - '&6Example Message' - 'Thanks for choosing this plugin :D!' - 'Test Message' - '&4Made by zachooo and javoris767!' someother.permission: - 'Only people with the someother.permission node can see this' another.node: - 'Only people with the another.node node can see this'
Name What It Does Default Value
enabled This sets whether or not this plugin should be sending messages true
wordwrap This sets whether or not to use word wrapping false
delay Amount of seconds in between each message 60
permissionsenabled Set whether or not this plugin will only send the message to people with permission false
chatformat Set how your message will appear in game. \"%msg\" will automatically be replaced with the message \'[&6ZavAutoMessager&f]: %msg\'
messageinrandomorder Sets weather or not the messages will appear in a random order or in a regular order false
messages Set the messages that will be displayed in the chat List of chat messages
updatechecking Set if you want the plugin to check the internet for updates true
messagesinconsole Set if you want messages to appear in console true
requireplayersonline Set if you want messages to send only if a player is online true
dontrepeatrandommessages Set to true if you don\'t want random messages to be repeated true