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Hello, here you will learn about how to configure your whitelist for your Nitrado Miscreated server.

Miscreated Whitelist Tutorial

1. Navigate to: http://servers.miscreatedgame.com/

  • Look up your server by searching for it's name. A direct link was shared in the delivery mail for your server.
  • Fill in the RCON port and password that were shared during delivery or if you changed your password, use that.

2. Next to the first page, navigate to: http://steamid.io/

  • Look up the person you wish to add or remove by his/her name shown on Steam (not the username).
  • Once you found the person, copy the Steam 64 ID that is shown on the page.

3. Enter the whitelist add/remove command on http://servers.miscreatedgame.com/ with the information you got above

  • To add someone to the whitelist, enter the following command replacing the example ID with the person's Steam 64 ID: mis_whitelist_add 7656119xxxxxxxxxx
  • To remove someone, do the above but change the command to: mis_whitelist_remove 7656119xxxxxxxxxx