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In this article I will briefly describe how to add a Whitelist to a StarMade Server The principle of a Whitelist is quite simple: Players who are on a Whitelist may be on the server. All other players do not There are three different ways to use Whitelist: name, IP address, or account system from the StarMade registry. The article, however, describes only the account system, since the other two methods are unsafe and are therefore only suitable for testing.

Creation of a StarMade account/Uplinking the account

First you create an account on [1]. To make an account, only a desired user name, a mail address and a password is required. Then confirm the account via e-mail link If this step is done, you have to "uplink" the account still ingame. Just go to the game and click "Uplink To Star-Made.org" in the main window
StarMade Account Uplink (1).png
Then a window opens, where you enter the recently created application data. These can be saved to avoid having to call them again at each game start. If the Uplinken succeeded, no message comes and you again in the main window
StarMade Account Uplink (2).png

Perform service settings

To activate the whitelist on the server, a few settings have to be made. First you have to open the StarMade server.cfg in the Web Interface via the Config Editor [extended] v2. Then press the key "CTRL + F" on the keyboard. This opens a search window in the Internet browser and searches for the following settings (also variables):


Behind the respective variables should be a "= false". The "false" is replaced by a "true" so that the variables then look like this:

USE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION = true //allow star-made.org authentication
REQUIRE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION = true //require star-made.org authentication (USE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION must be true)
USE_WHITELIST = true //onlynames /ips from whitelist.txt are allowed

Then save it. The settings are accepted after a server restart.

Add players to Whitelist

Since no player has been added to the Whitelist, nobody can play on it yet There are two ways to edit Whitelist, through the Ingame console, or via the Config Editor [extended] v2

Whitelist using the Config Editor [extended] v2

To edit the Whitelist via the Config Editor [extended] v2, invoke the editor and select whitelist.txt. This is empty. Now the users who are to come to the Whitelist are entered according to the following scheme:

Act: -1: USERNAME1
Act: -1: username1

"USERNAME" must of course be replaced by the respective user name. Save the file, reboot the server, and then go to the server.

Whitelist about the ingame console

To use the ingame console, the admin must be logically on the server on it. This is only possible if it has been added to the Whitelist via Config Editor [extended] v2, or has entered the game while the Whitelist was not active yet To add a player to the Whitelist using the ingame console, the administrator must be entered as an admin on the server. To do this, call up the File Browser in the Web Interface and navigate to the /niXXXX_X/starmade /StarMade folder. There is an admins.txt. To open the file simply click on the "Pen" icon to the left. There you can then enter your usernames according to the following scheme.


Then restart the server. In game, you can now call the console by pressing the Enter key. To enter a user, enter the following command:

/Whitelist_account USERNAME