Using the 3D Map Editor Correctly in DayZ

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What is it?

It is about designing the map according to your own ideas. I go here specifically to DayZ, this is not a tutorial for the ARMA 2 3D editor in itself! You should know a little about the editor or follow the "trial and error" principle! A very good tutorial can be found for example here.

In addition, I find it quite cool, if people changed their "mission.sqm" here Link. So everyone could download the map and would have something new to discover.

What's going on?

Additional buildings, "giant ships", walls, installations, sound sources, furniture, micro objects, lights, etc.

What is not?

Change the geographical situation, place AI (I did not manage to get it running), place vehicles (more on this later).

What is required?

  • ARMA 2
  • DayZ, Lingor Island, Takistan, etc. (depending on which map you want to edit).
  • PBO Manager
  • 3de_conv
  • [http: // rMod] (not necessarily, but helps with problems with banned objects and is the only solution if you want to use eg the aircraft carrier).
  • A large portion of gray cells (makes a BACKUP from all files to be changed)

Go Go

  • You start DayZ (with the rMod link if you want to have the aircraft carrier, for example).
  • In the Start menu, press CTRL + E
  • Selects the map you want to edit.
  • Edit
  • To save the map now, you must do the following in this order
    1. Creates a "Center"
    2. Creates a "Group"
    3. Creates a "unit" (sets it to "playable" so you can admire and test your work in the preview)
  • Saves the map (whether multi-singleplayer or custom) and terminates the editor.
  • You can find the map you just saved in X:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ArmA 2\missions\EUERMAPNAME.lingor or .cherarus /.takistan etc.
  • in this folder you can see a mission.sqf and a mission .biedi "* Now drag the" mission.biedi "to the" 3de_conv.exe "which you in the previously downloaded 3de_conv folder
  • Now you have a "mission.sqm" file in the EUERMAPNAME.lingor folder next to the "mission.biedi" and "mission.sqf" file (this file is the changed "missionfile" which you start at connecten automatically Loading).
  • Now you only have to make sure that the changed mission also runs on your server!
  • First download one of these files (depending on what you want to run and want to change) dayz_private_1.chernarus.pbo, dayz_private_1.lingor.pbo, dayz_private_rmod_1.chernarus.pbo, dayz_private_rmod_1.lingor.pbo which you under dayz / mpmission in your FileBrowser finds and makes a backup!
  • Now opens this file with the PBO Manager and extract the original "mission.sqm" into the following folder C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ArmA 2\MPmissions\original. Lingor (.chernarus, .takistan) (creates it if it does not already exist)
  • Additionally, you create a folder called bearbeitet.lingor (.chernarus, .takistan etc) in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ArmA 2\MPmissions. In this folder you will find the edited "mission.sqm"
  • Now you have to call the 2D editor of ARMA 2 (either via Singleplayer -> Editor or Multiplayer -> New)
  • In the editor you open the original "mission.sqm" ", Click on" Merge "and select the edited" mission.sqm ". Now just save it (best under a new name) * The final saved "mission.sqm" you now have to put back into your .pbo (by drad and drop).
  • Lastly, the .pbo again on your server shop and restart .


I advise you to save as much as possible while editing and between times always check to see whether the .biedi file can still be converted. You can create syntax errors and then you have to start from scratch (the 3de_conv crasht).

NO REFINE! Since the vehicles are not entered in the database from the editor, they are exploding when climbing (Of ​​course, not in the editor under "Preview") The aircraft carrier, the battleship and the cruiser are not included. You can use them without any problems, since they are not movable and are almost as buildings.

Please remain realistic!

This tutorial is available from Cameltoe.