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Rent now your own prepaid Starbound Server at nitrado.net

On your own Starbound Server, the map can be exchanged for a separate map. On this page we will provide steps to change your map.

How Do I change my map?

The following steps are necessary to change the map
This example shows the uploading of a "singing player" map to the Starbound Gameserver from Nitrado.net:

  1. The folder, \Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\universe, is the folder represents the entire world.
  2. Stop the server
  3. Connect to the server Via FTP (we suggest this program: FileZilla)
  4. In the FTP program, call the directory /starbound/.
  5. Exclude the /Starbound/ This deletes the active card from the Starbound Server.
  6. Upload the folder universe from your computer via the FTP program to the server directory /starbound/.
  7. Start the server

After these steps, your Starbound map is uploaded to your own Starbound server.