Upload a Savegame to a Subsistence server

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Before you continue please check our guide How to use your server's FTP you will need FileZilla to access the server files via FTP.

Step-by-step guide

1. Stop your server and open FileZilla or any FTP client and connect to the server using your FTP credentials (You can find them on the dashboard of your server).


2. On the left side of the FileZilla window you will need to open the folder where you have your local backups.


3. Below that part of the window it will show up all the files inside the folder.


4. On the right side of the FileZilla window (Remote Site) please navigate to the following directory: /subsistenceexperimental/Binaries32


5. Select all the local backup files (saveFilesList.sav and serverSaveGame#.sav), drag and drop them to the Win32 folder.


6. Check the bottom of the window to check the status of the transfer


7. If all the transfers were successful, please Disconnect FileZilla from FTP


8. Start your server