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[[Category:Characteristic two-factor-authorization]]
[[Category:Characteristic two-factor-authorization]]
[[Category:Characteristic account-other]]
[[Category:Characteristic account-other]]
[[Category:Characteristic two-factor-authentication]]

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Hello, Here you will learn how to set up the Two-Factor Authentication with your Nitrado Account.

Where to Start

  • Navigate to Nitrado.net and log in
  • At the top Right, Click your Username, then "My Account"
  • On the "My Account" page select "Control Two-Factor Authentication"
  • Add a key by using one of the two options:
    • Scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator App then input the code displayed on our website to use your mobile device as a two-factor device on your account.
    • Insert the U2F security key and press the button to add your U2F key to your account.
  • You are able to activate either one, or both at the same time
  • Two-Factor Authentication is now available for use when logging in