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How Do I Breed Rabbits?

Rabbits have a 10% chance to breed each time the player sleeps when there are 2 to 4 rabbits in a cage.

What Does The Red Paint Do?

Currently, red paint is contained in open paint buckets, and can be found in several locations on the peninsula. It is often accompanied by a paintbrush. Once picked up, the player will automatically wear it. The cannibals, upon witnessing the player wearing the red paint, can act in a passive manner (though they can still become hostile upon attack). Their interactions with the player consists of: following and staring at him; stepping back if the player tries to approach them; some will even kneel and pray at him as if was some sort of sacred being, or other divine entity that has significant value to the cannibal people. Red paint can have an effect on all cannibals in the area, causing them all to kneel. However, if the player starts attacking, the cannibals will become hostile again. Additionally, kneeling cannibals will rise up after a short while if not killed, and will again become hostile, or will keep kneeling once they get up. Pales will just stay kneeling sometimes. Mutants are unaffected.

Note: The red paint will be removed with rain or if the player starts to swim in any water source.

What Do Effigies Do?

Their main purpose is to cause fear in cannibals and keep them away from the player, similar to how red paint works. How cannibals react to a player with red paint on is almost exactly the same as how they react with effigies. It will cause most cannibals to fear the player and avoid them, though there are a few that will still attack the player. The reason for this is actually done on purpose by the developers. The developers placed ‘fuzziness’ to the coding into the game, that causes some cannibals to ignore the standard AI rules. The reason for doing this is to prevent players learning and figuring out cannibal behavior. The developers want to keep their behavior a secret to add immersion to the game. Though this is up to the player if they find effigies worth it or not, most players find them too inconsistent.

Building an effigy won't stop the cannibals from attacking, they may approach a burning effigy with caution or run away from it or even ignore the effigy. If the player approaches the cannibals, they will often attack the player with complete disregard for the effigy as approaching cannibals is deemed as an act of aggression.

How do I do I remove buildings?

To remove most buildings, you can use the Hole Cutter. However, some buildings will have holes cut in them by using this. To destroy these buildings, attack them repeatedly until they are destroyed. Ensure you have 'Building Destruction' turn on while you are doing this otherwise they won't be able to be destroyed. This can be found in the menu during the game under gameplay.

How Do I Add/Remove Tree Stumps?

Hit Tree Stumps with a weapon until they break. Your weapon damage determines how many hits they require. They cannot grow back without the use of Console Commands or mods.

How do I finish the game?

To finish the game, you will need the following items: Rebreather, Climbing Axe, and the Keycard. Once all these items have been collected. Then you must find a way to the bottom of the sinkhole, the lake in the middle has a water based cave that will lead you to the end game, though it is challenging.

How Do I Kill Mutants?

First of all, try not to panic! Mutants have much higher health than cannibals, they also hurt you A LOT more. They take a lot more damage before they go down though they will eventually die. Using a Crafted Bow|crafted bow or a Modern Bow|modern bow is one of the easiest ways to kill them as you can keep your distance. Fire is an effective way also, use Molotov's or Fire Arrows. Mutants won't run away from bombs, so they can be a good option also. Traps are also a good way. Practice and you may find a way that suits you best.

Are the packs of wandering natives that circle the plane OP? Also, why are so many near the starting zone?

Yes, they can be difficult to deal with. The developers made them like that to keep the game challenging. They are supposed to be strong to put a sense of fear into the players to make them choose how they survive on the island. Most of the cannibals wandering around are just scouting parties. The Plane did make a lot of noise crashing down, so it makes sense that they come to investigate.

How can I fight the cannibals effectively?

Fire and traps are pretty effective ways in dealing with the cannibals.

How can I differentiate each stick marker?

If you press 'R' while in front of a bar marker, it will change its color

How can I share items with other survivors in COOP?

You can share many items by using storages. Just build a storage and place items in it for other players to grab. : 9

Such items include drugs, soft drinks, snacks, explosives, weapons, logs / sticks / stones, etc. :)

Since update 0.30, the 'metal tin tray' item can also be used to share most items with other survivors.

I am trapped inside a log cabin / platform. Is there a way to escape without killing myself, restarting the game, or destroying the buildings?

Placing a climbing rope in such constructions and climbing on it will allow you to escape from your abrupt imprisonment.

Don't have a rope? Fear not!

Combining 7 pieces of fabric will create a rope

How can I create / light 'fire arrows'?

1 drink + multiple normal arrows -> multiple fire arrows

Hold down the 'L' key for half a second to use your lighter while you have the craft bow equipped, to set a fire arrow on fire.

Combine the handmade bow with the normal / fire arrow to choose the type of arrow you want to use.

Your character will automatically ignite the arrowheads, burning a piece of cloth in the process.

You should also have combined the handmade bow and a fire arrow on the crafting mat to choose fire arrows as your arrows of choice. Otherwise, your player character may choose to use a normal arrow that cannot be set on fire.

Also, press 'L' again to put the lighter back in your inventory.

Is it possible to upgrade my melee weapons?

Use tree sap to place teeth or drink alcohol on a melee weapon to increase its attack damage.

(This will not affect the blows needed to cut logs!)

Instead, feathering it will reduce stamina drain and increase attack speed.

The maximum limit for weapon upgrades is 30 feathers / teeth / alcohol in total.

Example) '30 feathers 'or '15 feathers + 15 teeth'.

It looks like your character will smash a bottle of alcohol and then place its glass shards on the melee weapon of your choice.

Is there a way to remove upgrades from a weapon? I was thinking of trading some upgrades for damage on certain weapons, but you're limited to 30 upgrades of any kind

Build a weapon rack and place a weapon on it. Then get another weapon of the same type to improve it differently. : 9

Is there a way to combine multiple items at once, instead of right-clicking on an item at once?

Instead of just "right-clicking" on an item, "right-clicking" while pressing the "Left Ctrl" key to combine 10 items at once.

This can also be applied to items such as leaves, feathers, teeth, tree sap, etc.

I can't swing my ax. What's going on? It's broken?

This is a known bug present in both single player and co-op.

Fixed 90% of the time shooting an arrow, 100% repairable by reloading / restarting a game.

You can also try hitting a tree with an ax.

Sometimes the game will think that you are trying to cut down a tree, and the lack of a nearby tree to hit will prevent you from swinging properly until you find a tree to hit.

Other common causes of this phenomenon can be;

Being drained of resistance.

You need to adjust your swing.

How do I destroy buildings or walls?

Hit them with melee weapons until they break or explode with explosives. ;)

How do I place a rope on a platform?

Go to the 'Custom Build' section of the crafting guide, select the 'Climbing Rope' and then simply press the 'E (use)' key while looking towards a platform.

By doing so, you will take 1 rope from your inventory and attach it to a platform like a climbing rope. ;)

Is it possible to store corpses of natives for ... 'future use'?

Yes, just leave them on Log Sleds by pressing 'C' like you do with logs. The corpses will still be there even after uploading a save file. ;)

Apparently I died, but I woke up tied face down in a cave. Can I break free?

Look around you to find a Plane Ax at your fingertips. Take it and set yourself free!

Also, saving and reloading your game will give you your extra life back. : 9