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[[Category:Characteristic services-other]]
[[Category:Characteristic services-other]]
[[Category:Characteristic service-other]]
[[Category:Characteristic service-other]]
[[es:Preguntas frecuentes en Terraria]]

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AuthCode has already been used

If the AuthCode has already been used and a new AuthCode is required, you should follow these steps:

  • Open the web interface
  • Open File Explorer
  • Delete the file auth.lck in the directory /terraria/tshock
  • Restart the server
  • Open the file authcode.txt in the directory /terraria/tshock
  • The new code can now be used in the game.
  • If neither the "auth.lck" file nor an "authcode.txt" can be found, the server must be reinstalled.

Administrator role in Terarria "Vanilla"

Unfortunately, it is not possible to take over any form of server administration with the basic server option.

What is TShock?

Tshock is a mod for the game in which you can have access to the following functions:

  1. Management system to execute commands in the game
  2. Build protection
  3. Buckling
  4. Plugin support for more commands or fixes
  5. Some minor fixes / tweaks to vanilla server software
  6. Edit the hidden world settings in the game
  7. Other features

How do I become an administrator?

To become an administrator you can access the following guide: Become an Administrator.

What commands can I use in Terraria?

In order to see the list of administrator commands you can access the following guide: Administrator Commands