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<Li> The portal can now be created under the "B" key </li>
<Li> The portal can now be created under the "B" key </li>
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[[Category: GRAV]]

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With Grav, among other things, various worlds are available. These can be entered through Stargates. This article explains how to create such a Stargate, how it looks and what needs to be considered.

What bring the Stargates?

Stargates create connections between moons or planets. Entering another planet is only possible through a Stargate.

How do I use Stargates?

These can be created if enough resources are available and the Blueprint is available with the "B" key.

The menu looks as follows:

Grav 01.png

  • After the gate has been created, it is also necessary to place a generator next to the portal to supply the energy. This is also found under "Powered" in this menu. Once the generator has been created, activated and filled, the gate opens:

Grav 02.png

  • The menu of the built objects can normally be opened by pressing the "E" key.
  • Once the portal has been opened you can enter this. Here, however, it does not run through this portal, but as with the generator, the menu has to be opened with the "E" key:

Grav 03.png

  • After selecting the destination, you can confirm the journey with the "Space Travel" button on the right side of the page.

What needs to be considered

  • Note that there are several types of portals, not every portal can be used for each destination.
  • When you change the world, you will be spotting on the target planet at a random location. A portal back is not created automatically
  • As soon as a player joins again and is on a different planet before, he will spawn again in the standard world.

  • How can you cheat a portal

    Unfortunately, there is no command with which one can directly spawn a portal. However, a portal can be created within a few minutes using the following steps:

  • The first step is to connect to the Grav server
  • Open the console using the "ΓΆ" key
  • Now use the command "AdminLogin <password>"
  • In the first step the resources are needed. This is possible using the command "CheatResources" (spawnt 10,000 resources per type)
  • The "UnlockAllBlueprints" command is used to release the blueprints.
  • The portal can now be created under the "B" key