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Here you will learn everything about on how to activate and have a crossplay enabled (Xbox & Steam) Space Engineers gameserver.

Rent a server

For you to rent a crossplay enabled gameserver you can rent either version of the game (Xbox or Steam). Renting a Nitrado Xbox Server & How to Rent a Game Server

Activating crossplay on your gameserver


Every Xbox Space Engineers server has the crossplay option active by default.


General Settings

To activate the crossplay option on a Steam Space Engineers server you will need to follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Nitrado web interface
  • Go to Settings -> General
  • Activate the Cross play option under Base settings
  • Rename your world (choose a name that does not already exist or delete the world & LastSession.sbl from "Saves/")
  • Make sure to select a crossplay compatible scenario
  • Save those settings
  • Hit "restart" or "start" if you stopped the server before


  • In Crossplay-Mode only mods that does not execute scripts at the user can be loaded.
  • Further only a maximum of 3 planets is allowed, if you have more you need to make a new world (rename the world to a non existing one).


Expert Settings

You can also enable the crossplay by manually changing the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg by adding these lines:



But be sure your world and mods fulfill the criteria from above (max 3 Planets, no user scripts), otherwise make a new world.


Connecting from Steam to an Xbox Space Engineers gameserver

For you to connect to an Xbox Space Engineers you will need to follow these steps:

  • Click the EOS filter in the name search bar.

Server list.png

  • Type the Server Name in the text box.
  • Click the option Join World.