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General information for plugins

The plugin checks daily whether a new update is available for the supported plugins. Thus, compatible plugins do not need to be updated manually.


Installation of extensions

The installation is actually very easy. The files with the extension (Linux) or ext.dll (Windows) in the folder:


The .sp files and the include folders come in here:


You only need the Linux files. With the Socket/cURL extension, the paths are already specified. The extensions are needed for the plugin to run at all. After installing the extensions, you must restart the server.

Installation of the plugin

Installing the plugins is even easier than installing the extensions. All you need to do is download the .smx file and upload it to the folder:



Variable Description Options Example
sm_updater How should the updater respond to an update? "1; 2 or 3" 1 = Leave message in the log. 2 = Automatic update (Recommended + Standard). 3 = download source code Sm_updater 2

Compatible plugins