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General information about Sourcemod Anti- Cheat

The plugin recognizes cheats and hacks using mathematical calculations.
A functional explanation of the Aimbot plugin: The hacker rotates 360 ° and achieves a headshot. This is counted as Strike. With four strikes (number freely adjustable) the player is banned.

Extensions to the plugin

In addition to the basic plugin, there are several extensions. The following plugins are recommended:

  • Aimbot Detector (Detects Aimbots)
  • Trigger Detector (Detects Bunnyhop Scripts and Rapid-Fire Hacks. Do not use this plugin if you have an Auto-Bhop script, for example)
  • Client Protection (Bans the players who are spamming the server)
  • Command Monitor (Block commands that could crash the server.) Optionally, the players are kicked / banned.)
  • ConVar Checker (Verifies that the server variables are not changed.)
  • Eye Angle Test (Detects and bans optional players who try to expand their field of view with a hack, often have a so-called "shaking")
  • Rcon Locker (Blocks Rcon Hacks and Exploits)
  • Anti-Speedhack (Blocks the effect of speedhacks)

Optionally these plugins can be installed:

  • Anti-Wallhack (Gives spectators / dead players a chance to look through walls, allowing you to watch a suspicious player better.)
  • Spinhack-Detector (Recognizes players who turn around in a circle.)
  • Global Banlist (Lets the players, who have already noticed negatively on other servers, do not even come to your server)

There are often extensions, so a visit of the page is recommended.


The plugin and the extensions can be downloaded here. You must first download the basic plugin, ie the smac.smx The smac.smx must then be uploaded to the following folder:


Now you can upload the additional plugs to the same folder.


The .CFG file can be found here:

Variable Description Requires Options Example
smac_welcomemsg When on, a message appears when SMAC is activated when the server enters Only baseplugin 0 = Off | 1 = On (Standard) Smac_welcomemsg 0
smac_ban_duration Length in minutes of a SMAC ban Only baseplugin 0 = permanent (default) | X-number = time in minutes Smac_ban_duration 0
smac_log_verbose Display a message saying that your server is protected. Only baseplugin 0 = Off (default) | 1 = An Smac_log_verbose 0
smac_aimbot_ban How many strikes the player is banned. Grundplugin + Aimbot Detector 4 = 4 Detection (standard, minimum) | 0 = not at all Smac_aimbot_ban 4
smac_autotrigger_ban Used for automatic bans. Basplugin + AutoTrigger Detector 0 = Off (default) | 1 = To (Recommended!) Smac_autotrigger_ban 1
smac_antispam_connect How much time between two connections to the server (in seconds) Grundplugin + Client Protection 2 = 2 seconds (default) 0 = off Smac_antispam_connect 2
smac_antispam_cmds How many commands can be executed in the second. Grundplugin + Command Monitor 30 = 30 Commands (default) | 0 = off Smac_antispawm_cmds 30
smac_eyetest_ban Whether the Eyeangles test is automatically banned. Baseplug + Eye Angle Test 0 = Off (default) | 1 = To (Recommended!) Smac_eyetest_ban 1

Cooperating Plugins