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Servermod: Bukkit‎
Category: Admin Tools, Chat, Info
Developer: KingDome24
Developer Website:
Description: Sends chat messages
Features: Can execute commands
Download: Link

What is SimpleBroadcast? SimpleBroadcast is a plugin which automatically sends defined messages to the chat.


Go to the DevBukkit project site and download the plugin which uses your server version.
Now you have to upload the plugin to the plugins folder in your server folder. You can do this by using the FTP server which is explained here.


Config file: /minecraftbukkit/plugins/SimpleBroadcast/config.yml
This is the default config.yml:

# This is the default config.yml for SimpleBroadcast.
# Plugin made by KingDome24.
# If you need help, visit
# Please be sure that all your messages are inside of single quotes!
# The update checking requires an internet connection.
# PluginMetrics also requires an internet connection.

enabled: true

delay: 60 # time in seconds

  enabled: true
  prefix: '&d[Broadcast]&7'

  enabled: false
  suffix: '&d[v1.6.1]'

pluginmetrics: true

checkforupdates: true

randomizemessages: false

requiresonlineplayers: false 

sendmessagestoconsole: false

- 'Thank you for using SimpleBroadcast! :D'
- 'Plugin by &oKingDome24.'
- 'If you have questions, visit the BukkitDev page!'
- 'You%sq%re able to use single quotes and many other variables.'
Name Beispiel Beschreibung
enabled true Activates/deactivates the plugin
delay 180 Defines the interval between the messages
prefix true / '&d[Broadcast]&7' Defines the prefix it should broadcast with
suffix false / '&d[1.5.1]' Defines the suffix it should broadcast with
pluginmetrics true Is the plugin allowed to send statistics to
checkforupdates true Checks for updates on start, if this option is enabled
randomizemessages false Defines if the messages should be broadcasted randomly
requiresonlineplayers false Defines if messages should only be broadcasted if players are online
messages - '&d[Broadcast]&7 This is a test!' Defines the messages it should send

Commands & Permissions

Command Permission Description
- simplebroadcast.* Gives access to all commands
- simplebroadcast.update Shows update news if you join
/simplebroadcast Shows information about the plugin
/simplebroadcast start simplebroadcast.start Stars the broadbast
/simplebroadcast stop simplebroadcast.stop Stops the broadcast
/simplebroadcast reload simplebroadcast.reload Reloads the config
/simplebroadcast list simplebroadcast.list Shows all specified messages
/simplebroadcast broadcast <msg> simplebroadcast.broadcast Broadcasts the entered message
/simplebroadcast raw <msg> simplebroadcast.broadcast Broadcasts the message without formatting
/simplebraodcast ignore simplebroadcast.ignore Adds/Removes a player from the ignore list
/simplebraodcast update simplebroadcast.update.toggle Activates/deactivates the Update-check
/simplebraodcast help Shows help.
/sb <Command> !Siehe oben! Alias for "/simplebroadcast".