Setting up your Minecraft marketplace

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Sign up for PlayerLands at PlayerLands

You can use PlayerLands to set up a fully functioning marketplace within our Minecraft servers; keep in mind that you will need a Minecraft server that has a version installed which is compatible with Plugins (Bukkit,Spigot, Paper) 1.8-1.17

First, you will need to log in by creating a new account or using the Nitrado integration to log in with your Nitrado account.

Playerlands login.png

Once you log in, you will be prompted to create a new organization or choose from an already created organization.

Playerlands organization creation.png

When you create your first organization, you will need to click the "your store" option in the top left.

Playerlands manage page.png

You will then be asked to name our new store and set a URL for it, this URL will auto complete to "" so that your players can easily find this page.

Playerlands minecraft store creation.png

At this point, you’ll want to create our store and press the "Manage" button.

Playerlands Shop Minecraft.png

Once you have reached this screen, you’ve finally created your very first marketplace!

While you still need to Link your Minecraft Server, Add Products, and Manage Your Store.

You are very close to start monetizing your server with PlayerLands