Setting up Tanoa (APEX) on ArmA 3 Server

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Rent your own Prepaid ArmA 3 server!

This article is only based on ArmA 3 Vanilla which can be installed using the servers webinterface. (webinterface -> switch game)


ArmA 3 APEX is available on all ArmA 3 server hosted with Nitrado for free. Uploading Tanoa respectively APEX generally speaking is not needed to use any of the features delivered with it. All pre-installed ArmA 3 missions (including APEX PROTOCOL) can be installed with those 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Stop the server using the webinterface
  • Step 2: Configure the server as described below
  • Step 3: Start the server
  • Step 4: Connect and play

Setting up mission list

ATTENTION: For the time the configuration is being edited the server must be stopped! Otherwise, changes can get lost on restart!

In order to "install" the default ArmA missions you first need to open the servers configuration file called server.cfg ("/arma3/config/server.cfg" on the servers file system). In this file, you need to find a code block similar to this one:

class Missions {

Now, you need to remove the part represented with "..." and save the file.

For no mission being selected by the server, a mission overview is activated as a player connects. There the player can select the default mission.