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Rent your own prepaid ARK: Survival Evolved server on

Connecting to your ARK server is quick and easy, however, if you wish to find out more about connecting, please refer to the article here: Connect to an ARK: Survival Evolved server

In-Game Server list

You can view "Multiplayer servers for ARK:SE in-game by clicking "Join Ark". However, your server may not appear. The current list of servers were chosen randomly or are part of official servers. Only up to 4,500 servers are listed, due to Steam's limitations.

Steam Server List

You can view the Steam server list for ARK:SE by following these steps:

  • Start Steam
  • Click "View", then "Servers" in the list
  • Click, "Change Filter" in the bottom-left of the dialog box


  • This list may be different from the in-game one, however, the limit on servers listed still applies

Server list on Other Sites

A third-Party site called displays ALL* ARK:SE Servers that are currently available. You can search the website and rate other servers you may find. The top-rated servers will be at the top of the page, in most cases. Clicking a server will display features such as how many players are currently on the server, when a player entered the server and other various information like which map the Server runs on. *However, you must add your server to this list personally.