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Connecting to your ARK server is quick and easy, however, if you wish to find out more about connecting, please refer to the article here: Connect to an ARK: Survival Evolved server

In-Game Server list & Steam Server List

The current list of servers were chosen randomly or are part of official servers. Only up to "4,500 servers are listed" due to Steam's limitations. We recommend searching your server with the following methods.

Method: Steam Favorites

  • Open Steam
  • On the top bar select "View", scroll down a little, and select "Servers". Will open a new window
  • On the top bar, we should be on the "Favorites" option. 
  • On the bottom right corner select "Add server". Will open a little window requesting an IP
  • Locate your server IP address:
    • Navigate to your Web Interface
    • On the left side locate the IP address of the server as shown below:
    • Locate your Query Port: Web Interface Dashboard->Scroll down
    • Add the Query Port to the IP address of the server. For example:
    • IP Adress:
    • Query Port: 40001
    • IP + QueryPort:
  • Copy your IP + Query Port on the field, and select "Add this address to favorites"
  • Now your server will be on the Favorites list, select it (will light up with a blue background)
  • On the right bottom corner select "Refresh". Select again your server and click on "Connect" (If you click on "Connect" without refreshing before, an error will appear. This is a bug from Steam)

Refresh.jpg SteamBug.jpg

  • If you enabled a password on your server, a new window will appear requesting the server password, type it as it appears on the Web Interface.
  • It will launch the game and join the server.

Method: Epic Games

  • Open Epic Games and start Ark Survival Evolved game
  • Select the first option "Join Ark"
  • Put the name of the server at the top as it appears in the Web Interface of your server
  • In the lower-left corner select the "Unnoficial servers" filter
    • The filter "Auto favorite played sessions" has to be disabled
    • The filter "Show Password protected" depends if your server has a password or not. Check your Web Interface Settings -> General
  • If the game does not appear the first time, turn the filter "Password protected" on/off and back to off/on
  • Your server will appear in the list, select it and press the "Join" button
  • If your server has a password, a field will appear, please type your password as it appears in the Web Interface of your server
  • Connect to server


Note: If you can't still find your server or connect, please reach our Support Team in the available support channels: phone, live chat, and ticket. They will be more than happy to help you