Server Parameters for Wreckfest

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Here you can find helpful information about the server parameters for Wreckfest!

Perameter Command/Value Info Description
server_name= N/A The Server Name
welcome_message= N/A Welcome message for the server, displayed as you join
password= N/A Password for the server
max_players= N/A Player count for the server
clear_users=1 0 = keep, 1 = clear Clear previous user privileges every time when executing a server restart
owner_disabled= 0 = first to join receives owner privileges, 1 = doesn't receive owner privileges Give host privileges to the first user who joins (for example yourself)
admin_steam_ids= N/A Comma separated list of Steam IDs (steamID64) of users that will be auto-granted admin privileges
lan= 0 = use Steam, 1 = without Steam Setup server for local area network play only
track= Set track, list available track names with command: tracks
gamemode= Set game mode, list available game modes with command: gamemodes
bots= 0-24 Prepopulate server with bots
num_teams= 2-4 Number of teams in team game modes
laps= 1-60 Amount of laps in race game modes
time_limit= Default=20 Minutes Example: time_limit=20 Deathmatch time limit in minutes
elimination_interval= 0 means elimination each lap, others are seconds: 0, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 Elimination interval time for elimination race
vehicle_damage= normal or realistic Set vehicle damage to normal or realistic
car_class_restriction= a, b, c or d Allow only vehicles with a maximum class of a, b, c or d
car_restriction= Allow only one specific car, list available cars with command: cars
special_vehicles_disabled= 0 = Enable, 1 = Disable Disallow use of special vehicles
car_reset_disabled= 0 = Enable, 1 = Disable Disable car resets
car_reset_delay= 0 (no delay) or 1-20 seconds Set car reset delay to 0 (no delay) or 1-20 seconds
wrong_way_limiter_disabled= 0 = Enable, 1 = Disable Disable speed limit for players that drive the wrong way
weather= Set event weather, list available weather names with command: weathers
frequency= low or high Set server update frequency
log= N/A Save server messages to Log File