Server Manager for 7 Days to Die

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7DtD Server Manager v2
Servermod: 7DaysToDie
Category: Manager
Developer: FrontRunnerTek
Developer Website: FrontRunnerTeks Website
Description: Server Settings
Features: -

Before you can use the tool, you must first connect the tool to the server. This can be done under the "Server Settings" tab. The IP and port can be found on the web interface for your server. The password is also on your web interface in General Settings.

The 7 Days to Die Server Manager is a tool that allows you to edit the following:


The Players category will show who is currently connected to the server, and any statistics associated with them.


The Restart category allows you to configure daily restarts, as well as auto-saving the game world. It can also be configured to not restart the server for a scheduled restart if there are players currently connected.

Chat log

The Chat Log category allows you to view the entire history of the chat. You can use this to broadcast messages to the server and those playing in it.

Backup & Restore

This will allow you to create and restore backups.

PM Log

This category is listed with the Chat Log. This allows you to see what was being said in private messages in the server.


This tab provides a feature that you can configure certain actions occurring on the server to send an email notification to you.


The FTP connection to the server can be tested with this.

Server Messages

The MotD can be configured here, as well as scheduled messages at specific intervals or times. The Scout Warning does not function.

Global Ban List

This tab allows you to enforce the Global Ban List.

Fun Times

This feature allows you to configure random events, such as scheduled releases of zombie hordes, or airdrops. These can also be configured with specific chance rates so it doesn't always occur.