Server Commands for 7 Days to Die

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Developer Console

The command line in 7 Days to Die is a developer console that can be enabled by players. It is used to execute server commands as well as other various features in the game. With server commands, a server admin can receive and modify information and statistics, as well as server settings and extensions. It can also be used to spawn objects, change the time in game, and kick players.

How to Use

There are two different keys (for each version: US or EU) to open the developer console:

Key 1

  • Press ~ for US Keyboards
  • Press ¬ for EU Keyboards

Key 2

  • Press " for US Keyboards
  • Press @ for EU Keyboards

Console Commands

Command Short Cut Effect
admin add <playerID> <permission level> n/a Adds a player as an admin.
admin remove <playerID> n/a Removes admin permission from a player.
admin update <playerID> <permission level> n/a Changes the admin permission level for that user to the specified value.
aiddebug n/a Switches the AIDirector debug output.
ban <playerID> <timeframe> n/a Bans a player from your server for a specified amount of time. Allowed inputs for <timeframe> are minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. For example: "ban 175 10 hours" would ban player with ID 175 from the server for 10 hours.
chunkcache cc Displays all loaded chunks in the cache.
clear n/a Clears the command line.
cp add <permission level> n/a Add command permissions.
cp remove <command> n/a Remove command permissions.
cp update <command> <permission level> n/a Changes the permissions for a command to the specified value.
debugmenu [on/off] dm Changes the display of the developer console.
enablescope <on/off> es Modifies Debug Scope
gameover go Changes the game to Game Over.
kick <playerID> [reason] n/a Kicks specified player from the server. Reason is optional.
listents le Displays all objects in the game.
listplayers lp Shows all players currently connected to the server.
listthreads lt Shows all threads.
mem n/a Shows memory usage and requests the garbage collector.
mod add <playerID> <permission level> n/a Adds a player as a moderator of the specified permission level.
mod remove <playerID> n/a Removes specified player from the moderator list.
mod update <playerID> <permission level> n/a Updates the specified moderator's permission level.
say <message> n/a Broadcast a message to all players on the server.
settime st Sets the time in the current world. Time notation is military time * 1000 (1000 = 1 hour). Examples: 0 = day 1, 4 pm; 8000 = day 2, 12am (midnight); 16000 = day 2, 8 am; 24000 = Day 2, 12 pm (noon)
sounddebug n/a Sets the debug menu to contain sound manager reports.
saveworld sa Manually saves the world.
setgamepref sg Shows the settings that can be changed from the console.
setgamepref <preference> <value> sg <preference> <value> Set the specified setting to the specified value.
showchunkdata sc Shows data about the current chunk.
shownexthordetime n/a Shows the time to the next horde.
shutdown n/a Stops the Server.
spawnairdrop n/a Spawns an air drop.
spawnentity se Shows a list of objects that can be spawned into the game.
spawnentity <playerID> <entityID> se <playerID> <entityID> Gives the specified player the specified object.
spawnsupplycrate n/a Spawns a supply crate on the player.
spawnwanderinghorde n/a Spawns a wandering horde of zombies.
whitelist add <playerID> <permission level> n/a Adds specified player to the whitelist.
whitelist remove <playerID> n/a Removes the specified player from the whitelist.
whitelist update <playerID> <permission level> n/a Updates the specified player's permission level in the whitelist.