Saved World Options and Settings for Space Engineers

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New game/Saved worlds option

The "Load World" option lets you choose between starting a new world generated from a scenario or loading a previously saved world.

This option can be found in your webinterface under the "Settings > General" tab.

SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg Settings

Access the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg by navigating to your Nitrado webinterface and go to "Tools > Filebrowser" to locate your files.

Navigate this file path:

  • /spaceeng_profile/SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg

These setting described below can be found in the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg.

  • Scenario can only be chosen for the “New game” option
  • GameMode sets the current game mode to creative or survival
  • InventorySizeMultiplier Sets the inventory size of all container objects and players in the game. 3x would allow players to carry 1,200 l. (3 * 400)
  • AssemblerSpeedMultiplier Sets how fast the assembler works.
  • AssemblerEfficiencyMultiplier Sets assembler efficiency. Items produced by the assembler will use ingots divided by this number.
  • RefinerySpeedMultiplier Sets how fast the refineries convert ore to ingots.
  • MaxPlayers Sets the maximum number of players, there seems to be no restriction here. Keep in mind that more players requires more server resources.
  • MaxFloatingObjects Sets the maximum number of floating items in the game, it is recommended to set this to a lower number to keep lag to a minimum.
  • EnviromentHostility Sets the environment setting, keep in mind that a hostile environment is hostile 24/7, even when players are not connected to the server.
  • AutoHealing If yes, players will heal if they are not actively taking damage
  • EnableCopyPaste Creative Setting only. Allows copy and paste function on the server
  • WeaponsEnabled Allows weapons to shoot
  • ShowPlayerNamesOnHud Shows player names if they are unobstructed regardless of distance between them.
  • ThrusterDamage Toggles thruster effect damage on and off
  • CargoShipsEnabled Toggles cargo ships.
  • Enablespectator Allows spectator player slots.
  • Removetrash The server will automatically remove debris based on size, movement, and player distance from the object.
  • WorldsizeKm Set the size of the world cube. a setting of 0 is considered 'infinite'.
  • Respawn ship delete Ships used for player respawn will be automatically managed and deleted by the server.
  • ResetOwnership Starting a server with this setting enabled will set all objects to no owner.
  • Welderspeedmultiplier Higher values increase welding speed; Lower values decrease welding speed.
  • Grinderspeedmultiplier Higher values increase grinding speed; Lower values decrease grinding speed.
  • RealisticSoundToggles realistic sound. Presumably an immersion option where certain sounds are more muted, pronounced, or available within an interior or cockpit.
  • ClientCansave Allows connected players to save the server map. It is recommended to leave this setting off unless trouble shooting.
  • HackspeedMultiplier Higher values increase the speed of the "hacking" grinder mechanic. Lower values decrease hacking speed.
  • Permanentdeath When enabled, players lose all ownership of objects upon death. The player can still respawn and start fresh.
  • AutoSave in Minutes Set the frequency the server will save the map.
  • Spawnship time multiplier Higher values increase the time that server side spawn ships become available upon death.
  • ProceduralDensity Changing this affects how close together seeded asteroids spawn.
  • ProceduralSeed Presumeably any numerical value placed here will generate and save an asteroid seed. IE: You could change the seed number and then come back to the previous seed number and the asteroids would still be in their previous locations.
  • DestructableBlocks Toggles whether or not blocks can be destroyed.
  • Enableingamescripts Allows scripts loaded from in game computer terminals to work.
  • ViewDistance Set the distance of how far each client can see/render objects.
  • FloraDensity Planets only setting??
  • Enabletool shake Toggles whether tools and objects attached to the tool shake when in use. Disable to reduce cpu load.
  • VoxelGenerator Version Currently, this only controls whether or not ICE will spawn on asteroids. Version 0 Will have no ice. Version 1 has the first iteration of ice. Version 2 has the current iteration of ice.
  • EnableOxygen Toggles whether or not oxygen can be used/is needed for players to survive.
  • Enable3rd person view Toggles whether or not players can switch to third person via keyboard bind.
  • Enableencounters Toggles the random spawning of player made ships/points of interest that were officially imported to the game. (procedural option only?).
  • Enableflora Planets only setting??
  • EnableStationVoxelSupport Toggles whether stations built on asteroids snap to the asteroid grid.
  • EnableSunRotation Toggles whether or not the sun rotates around the area of play.
  • Disablerespawnships /carts Disable respawn ships.
  • PhysicalIterations Set how often the server cpu checks for physics. (Collision). 4 is considered a moderate setting while 10 is very high. A popular server will want a low setting.
  • Sunrotationintervalminutes How quickly the sun completes a rotation. Higher values will slow it down.
  • Enablejetpack Enable/Disable player jetpacks.
  • Spawnwithtools Enable/Disable players spawning with hand tools.
  • Enablevoxel destruction Enable/Disable destructable asteroids.
  • Enabledrones Enable/Disable hostile NPC drones

(Warning: Values that are out of the range, allowed by the game user interface, are not tested and are officially unsupported. They can seriously effect the game experience and performance)