S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC missions on ArmA 3

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Here we will share the new missions added to the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC.

Mission List

Mission description Mission name Mission folder
Single player mission
SP: Tagesdienst sp_01.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\singleplayer\sp_01.cam_lao_nam
SP: Das Dorf sp_02.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\singleplayer\sp_02.cam_lao_nam
Multiplayer mission
SP: Ash and Trash coop_air_01.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\multiplayer\coop_air_01.cam_lao_nam
Endgame Mission
Endgame 16 Hanoi vn_endgame_hanoi.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_endgame_hanoi.cam_lao_nam
Endgame 16 Dschungel vn_endgame_jungle.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_endgame_jungle.cam_lao_nam
Endgame 16 Saigon vn_endgame_saigon.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_endgame_saigon.cam_lao_nam
Escape mission
Flucht 10 Cam Lao Nam vn_escape.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_escape.cam_lao_nam
CO-OP missions
01 CO14: Eldest Son coop_01.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\campaign\missions\coop_01.cam_lao_nam
02 CO15: Spindown coop_02.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\campaign\missions\coop_02.cam_lao_nam
03 CO15: Bright Light coop_03.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\campaign\missions\coop_03.cam_lao_nam
04 CO14: Ashtray III coop_04.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\campaign\missions\coop_04.cam_lao_nam
05 CO15: Ma Bell coop_05.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\campaign\missions\coop_05.cam_lao_nam
06 CO15: Oscar Eight coop_06.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_f_vietnam\campaign\missions\coop_06.cam_lao_nam
Warlords Mission
SC 64 Warlords vn_warlords_01.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_warlords_01.cam_lao_nam
ZEUS Mission
Zeus 16+2 Meister Cam Lao Nam (PAVN) vn_zeus_east.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_zeus_east.cam_lao_nam
Zeus 16+2 Meister Cam Lao Nam (ARVN) vn_zeus_independent.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_zeus_independent.cam_lao_nam
Zeus 48+2 Meister Cam Lao Nam vn_zeus_master.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_zeus_master.cam_lao_nam
Zeus 16+2 Meister Cam Lao Nam (MACV) vn_zeus_west.cam_lao_nam vn\missions_2_f_vietnam\missions\vn_zeus_west.cam_lao_nam

Mission configuration

Configuring the mission into the Server.cfg:

class Missions {
    class ARMA3 {
        template = "sp_01.cam_lao_nam";
        difficulty = "Regular";

If there are several missions, the following mission cycle must be entered in the Server.cfg:

class Missions {
    class coop_01 {
        template = "coop_01.cam_lao_nam";
        difficulty = "Regular";
    class coop_02 {
        template = "coop_02.cam_lao_nam";
        difficulty = "Regular";
    class coop_03 {
        template = "coop_03.cam_lao_nam";
        difficulty = "Regular";
    class coop_04 {
        template = "coop_04.cam_lao_nam";
        difficulty = "Regular";
    class coop_05 {
        template = "coop_05.cam_lao_nam";
        difficulty = "Regular";
    class coop_06 {
        template = "coop_06.cam_lao_nam";
        difficulty = "Regular";

If your server does not start with the mission: Log in with #login <adminpassword> in the chat of your server by admin.

With the command #missions in the chat, you can see all missions of the server and switch to the desired one

Community missions

These are some community missions available on the Steam workshop:

  1. Mike Force (Beta)
  2. Antistasi - Cam Lao Nam - Community Version
  3. KP Liberation Cam Lao Nam