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=Frecuently Asked Questions=
=Frecuently Asked Questions=
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[[es:Preguntas Frecuentes en Rust]]

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Frecuently Asked Questions


How do I kill my character?

Open the console with (F1), and enter the command:
This command has a 1 minute cooldown.

How do I use voice chat?

The default voice communication key is V. Your character's mouth has a moving animation. The voice is based on the range / location of your character, the closer it is, the louder the voice will be heard.


How do I install Oxide?

1. Enter your server's web interface and stop it.

2. Go to the General option in the Settings menu

3. At the bottom you will find the extensions section enable Oxide


4. Save the changes and start your server.


How do I install plugins on my server?

Installing the Oxide plugins in Rust is similar to installing Bukkit plugins in Minecraft. For installation, the "lua" file of the plugin must be loaded into the corresponding folder.

This is where the lua files should be stored.

After restarting, the server will load with plugins.