Renting a Nitrado Xbox Server

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Rent your own server at

Here you will learn how to rent a Nitrado Xbox one server. The exciting adventures await you on your Nitrado Xbox Server. Come get your private Xbox One Gameserver, just follow these instructions:

Notice: If you'd like to extend your Xbox Server, please use the Microsoft / Xbox App to make the payment. Credits purchased through the Nitrado website cannot be used to modify Xbox servers.

Where to Start?

Note: You can pick up the App over on the Microsoft store: Get the Nitrado Xbox App

  • Go to the Microsoft Store
  • Install our Nitrado app on your Xbox One or your Windows PC
  • After installing the app, login with your Nitrado account. If you do not have an account, please register one now.
  • When logged in, from the "Orders" page you can rent and install your own Nitrado ARK server for the Xbox One.