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Here you will learn everything about the Remote admin on SCP: SECRET LABORATORY, this is a visual panel to help you administrate your server.


The welcome page contains all the information you need on how to use the remote admin tool.

Welcome page.png

Player Info

In this page you will be able to review the information of all players in the server.

You can select a player for the list on the left, afterwards you can press one of the 3 buttons on the left:

  • Request
  1. Nickname
  2. Player ID
  3. IP (Hidden)
  4. UserID
  5. Server role
  6. Active Flag
  7. Class
  8. HP
  9. Position
  • Request IP
    • Same as request but adds the IP
  • Request Auth
    • Players authentication token and a QR code

Player info.png


  • Select a player for the list on the left
  • Select the desired amount of time for the player to be banned, or you can select kick to only kick the player from the server
  • You can type the reason for the ban or kick
  • Click the Request button



  • Select a player for the list on the left
  • Select the desired class for the player
  • Click the Set Class button

Force class.png

Give Item

  • Select a player for the list on the left
  • Select the desired item for the player
  • Click the Request button

Give item.png

Admin Tools

  • Overwatch
    • You can set a player as overwatch for it to not respawn.
  • God Mode
    • After activating God Mode in a player they are not able to die.
  • Bypass Mode
    • When activating Bypass, the player can open or use any item without the need of a keycard, as well as the infinite use of the intercom.
  • Teleportation
    • Select a player for the list on the left and select one of the following options:
      • Use Bring to bring the selected player to you.
      • Use Go to to teleport yourself to that player.
  • Misc
    • Select a player for the list on the left and use Heal to heal the player to the default leve
    • Use the Lockdown option to lock all
  • Noclip
    • Allows a player to toggle between Noclip with the 1 key.

Note: The noclip speed can be adjusted with the Scroll Wheel.

Admin tools.png

Door Management

A list of all the doors in the map is displayer in this page listed as follow:

  • All: All listed and normal doors
  • All (listed): Select all the door buttons shown in this page
  • All (not listed): Normal hallway doors
  • The listed doors each belongs to a specific room

After selecting the desired option you can select one of the following options:

  • Open to open the selected doors
  • Closed to close the selected doors
  • Lock to lock the selected doors
  • Unlock to unlockthe selected doors
  • Destroy to destroy the selected doors
  • Teleport to teleport to the selected doors

Doors management.png

Here is a list of the description of all doors:

ID Description Zone Number of rooms
Crossing A 4-way intersection in LCZ LCZ 2
HC_079_CR SCP 079's containment chamber HCZ 1
HC_079_HALL The area between the two blast doors that lead into SCP 079's containment chamber HCZ 2
HC_079_MON The room for monitoring SCP 079 HCZ 1
HC_096_CR Presumably 096's containment chamber, but actually the room where the MicroHID is stored HCZ 1
HC_106_CR SCP 106's room, with both the rooms behind locked doors as well as freely-accessible ones having the same ID HCZ 3
HC_457_CR The room where SCP 096 spawns HCZ 1
HC_SERVERS The server room HCZ 4
HC_TESLA_B Every tesla gate in HCZ HCZ 4
HID Directly outside of the room where the MicroHID is stored HCZ 1
Intercom Directly outside of the intercom room Entrance 1
LC_914_CR Inside of 914's containment chamber LCZ 1
LC_ARMORY Presumably the armory in LCZ, but actually the red rooms in entrance Entrance 2
LC_CAFE The computer room in LCZ LCZ 1
nuke_hcz Directly outside of the elevator leading to the nuke room HCZ 1
nukesite Directly in front of the control panel to turn on the nuke HCZ 1
Offices_PCs The large computer room in entrance Entrance 1
Offices_PCs_small The small computer room in entrance Entrance 1
Offices_upstair The computer room in entrance with stairs Entrance 1
Shelter Directly outside of the blast door to the Evacuation Shelter Entrance 1
Smallrooms2 The hallway room with two locked doors in entrance Entrance 1
Straight_4 A hallway room in entrance Entrance 1
topsite Directly outside of the warhead control room on the surface Surface 1

Status Effects

  • Select a player for the list on the left
  • Select the desired status effect for the player from the following list:
    • Invigorated: Sprinting drains no stamina
    • Give SCP-268: Gives the SCP-268 item (must be in inventory to work)
    • Give SCP-207: Select x1, x2, x3, x4 COLAs to give the player
    • 939 Visuals You can select to show only marker, Only the screenfilters or everything
    • Corroding teleports to the pocket dimension and drains HP until the target scapes
    • Sinkhole slows down players but not SCPs
    • Flashed Select from Quick flash. 1s. 2s. 3s. 5s. 10s. 15s. 20s. Always.
    • Amnesia stops the player from reloading or opening their inventory
    • Bleeding damage-over-time starting high and ramping low ticks every 5s
    • Blinded applies extreme screen blur
    • Burned slightly increases all damage taken
    • Concussed blurs the screen as the player turns faster turns = quicker blur
    • Deafened heavily muffles all sounds
    • Decontaminating removes 10% of max health each second disables outside of LCZ
    • Disabled slows all movement speed
    • Ensnared prevents all movement
    • Hemorrhage sprinting drains 2 HP/s
    • Poisoned damage-over-time starting low and ramping high ticks every 5s
    • Asphyxiated quickly drains stamina health if no stamina is remaining
    • Exhausted halves stamina capacity and regeneration rate
    • Panic slightly increases stamina consumption

Status effects.png

Player Mgmt

  • Select a player for the list on the left
  • Select the desired action for the player from the following list:
    • Mute Mutes the player's mic
    • Unmute Unmutes the player's mic
    • Icom - Mute Bans the player from using the Intercom
    • Icom - Unmute Unbans the player from using the Intercom

Player management.png

Server Events

  • Respawn MTF: Respawns Mobile Task Force
  • Respawn CI: Respawn Chaos
  • Restart Round: Restarts the current round
  • Start Round Forces the round to begin
  • Kick Unconn Kicks players who have not fully connected to the server
  • Warhead Start Turns on the Alpha Warhead detonation process
  • Warhead Stop Turns off the Alpha Warhead detonation process
  • Detonate Detonates the Alpha Warhead immediately
  • Icom Timeout Forces the Intercom to cut out if a player is currently using it
  • Icom Reset Resets the Intercom cooldown, allowing it to be used right away
  • Round Lock Makes it so the current round will never end
  • Lobby Lock Stops the round from starting during the Please Wait lobby

Server events.png

Server Configs

You can enable or disable the following options

  • Friendly Fire
  • Spawn Protect

You can edit some custom settings from the following list:

  • Friendly_Fire
  • Player_list_title
  • pd_refresh_exit
  • spawn_protect_disable
  • spawn_protect_time
  • human_grenade_multiplier
  • scp_grenade_multiplier

Server Configs.png

Spawn Tickets

Allows the user to see the current amount of Respawn Tickets that both Chaos and MTF have. The plus and minus buttons can be used to lower and increase the number of tickets. Click the refresh button to update the tickets. Note: The menu will display 0 tickets until a refresh is performed.

Spawn tickets.png