RCON for Rust Experimental/Release

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Setting up the Server

Please assure that the correct version of Rust is installed:
An Rcon password can be defined, after the "Release Version" of Rust is selected.

RCONRUST-experimental ENG.png

RCONRUST-advanced ENG.png

The Server is now ready for Rcon.

Setting up the Client

If the "Release Version" was activated on the Server, the same version has to be started localy:

RCONRUST-steam ENG.png

The easiest way to join the server is by using the in-game console (F1 key).
The command "client.connect ServerIP:Port" (without quotes) opens a direct connection to the server.

Download the RCON-Tool

To use the Rcon-feature a Tool is needed, which can be downloaded here.
The developers Forum can be reached over this link.

Entering Data into the RCON-Tool

After the download the final step is reached: Register the Server in the Rcon-Tool.
The Interface looks like this:

RCONRUST-tool2 ENG.png

Following data are import:

Server IP
Server Gameport (28015)
Server Query Port (28025)

They now need to be entered in the Client in the "Settings" Menu. This looks like this:

RCONRUST-tooldata2 ENG.png

Now the only thing that is needed to do, is to save the profile and click on "Connect" to connect via Rcon.