RCON for Rust

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Rent a prepaid Rust Gameserver now at nitrado.net

Connect to the server using a RCON tool

With this tool, The Rusty Rcon Tool, you will need the following to connect:

  • Your Server Ip address
  • Your Server Port
  • Your RCON port "This is generally +25 from the Gameserver port"
  • Your RCON password
    • This is found in the General Settings of your web interface.

Now we change to the tab "Rcon" and click on "Connect" in the lower right corner. A connection to our Rust server should now be established. If the connection is successfully established, this is indicated by a green rectangle and the lower left corner and a message in the console.

Rust rcon legacy rusty connected.png

We have now successfully connected to our Rust server and can now administer it via our tool. We can send a message as a server. To do this, we use the first input field, where we enter our message and confirm with Enter or a click on the "Send" button.

Rust rcon legacy rusty command.png