Per Level Engram Points Engine Settings ARK: Survival Evolved

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Here we detail how to alter the engram points with the engine configuration. These values define how many engram points we earn at each level.


  • You will need several entries to win engrams at different levels
  • For levels where you don't want to win engrams you should use a value of "0"
  • You can set a large sum of engrams at low levels if you wish

Where to start?

  • Navigate to your web interface
  • Turn off your server for 5 minutes
  • Go to "Engine Settings" under the "Settings" section
  • Scroll down until you find the section "Per level Engram Points"
  • Click on the green button marked '' create new setting ''
  • Enter a number of engram points you want to earn
    • The first entry will be assigned to level one, the second to level 2, and so on
  • You will have to create configurations for each level or for the maximum number of engrams you want to achieve
  • Save changes
  • Start your server