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Ingame Admin


The "Ingame Admin" plugin provides some administrative commands that can be used in the game. This makes it possible for example to kick, bend, etc. A number of administrators can be defined.


The following settings can be configured in the Web Interface:

Setting Description
admins List of unique player IDs (GUID), which should get admin rights on the server. The GUID can be copied under "Player Management".
Admin notification Notify players when an admin connects to the server.


The following commands can be executed for this plugin:

Command Description
/Kick <player> Kicks the desired player from the server.
/Ban <Player> Permanently bury the desired player.
/Kill <player> Kill the desired player.
/Move <Player> <Team> Moves the desired player to the selected team after the player dies.
/Say <one player/all players> <message> Sends as an administrator a message to all or only one player.
/Commands Lists all available commands.
/Id Returns the GUID of all players.
/Admin Displays the Admin status.