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|DEVELOPER=t3hk0d3, zml2008, bacon_avengener
|DEVELOPER=t3hk0d3, zml2008, bacon_avengener
|DEVELOPERWEBSITE=[http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/ dev.bukkit.org]
|DEVELOPERWEBSITE=[http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/ dev.bukkit.org]
|DESCRIPTION=Aktionen mittels Rechten erlauben.
|DESCRIPTION=Permission manager
|FEATURES=Download nur mit [[PermissionsEx]].
|FEATURES=Download only with [[PermissionsEx]].
|DOWNLOAD=[http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/files/17-permissions-ex-v1-19-6-package/ PEX]'''
|DOWNLOAD=[http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/permissionsex/files/17-permissions-ex-v1-19-6-package/ PEX]'''

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Plugin KeinLogo.jpg
Servermod: Bukkit‎
Category: Admin Tools, Developer Tools
Developer: t3hk0d3, zml2008, bacon_avengener
Developer Website: dev.bukkit.org
Description: Permission manager
Features: Download only with PermissionsEx.
Download: PEX

Modifyworld is a very powerful world modification plugin. When enabled, it allows you very fine grained control over what players can do in your world, what will affect them, what items and blocks they are allowed to have, and what items or blocks they can use on other blocks and items (don't want them using a stone pickaxe on wood? You can block it with modifyworld!).


Go to the DevBukkit project site and download the plugin which uses your server version.
Now you have to upload the plugin to the plugins folder in your server folder. You can do this by using the FTP server which is explained here.



item-restriction: true

Should items be restricted?

inform-players: true

Should players be informed when they aren't allowed to do something?

whitelist: true

Should Modifyworld validate the whitelist?

use-material-names: true

If true, modifyworld will use item names (dirt) instead of item numbers (3)

drop-restricted-item: true

If true, restricted items will be "ejected" from the player as if they dropped the items.

item-use-check: true

Should the permissions of the player be checked if he wants to use an item.

  message-format: [Modifyworld]
  default-message: &cYou don't have enough permissions!

message-format: the Message-Tag default-message: That is the default message.



modifyworld.login: Allows a player to join the server.

modifyworld.chat: Allows a player to chat.

modifyworld.sneak: Allows a player to sneak.

modifyworld.sprint: Allows a player to sprint.

modifyworld.chat.private: Allows a player to use '/msg', '/tell' etc...

modifyworld.usebeds: Allows a player to lie in a bed.

modifyworld.bucket.fill.<water|milk|lava>: Allows a player to fill a bucket with a certain fluid.

modifyworld.bucket.empty.<water|lava>: Allows a player to empty a bucket with a certain fluid.


modifyworld.blocks.destroy.<Item ID>: Allows a player to destroy blocks with the ID <ID>.

modifyworld.blocks.place.<Item ID>: Allows a player to place blocks with the ID <ID>.

modifyworld.interact.<Item ID>: Allows a player to interact with blocks with the ID <ID>. E.g. push levers, buttons, doors etc.


modifyworld.items.craft.<Item ID>: Allows a player to craft items with the ID <ID>.

modifyworld.items.drop.<Item ID>: Allows a player to drop items with the ID <ID>.

modifyworld.items.enchant.<Item ID>: Allows a player to enchant items with the ID <ID>.

modifyworld.items.have.<Item ID>: Allows a player to carry items with the ID <ID>. If it is in the inventory without permission, it will be destroyed.

modifyworld.items.hold.<Item ID>: Allows a player to hold items with the ID <ID> in his hand. If it is held it will get switched into the main inventory.

modifyworld.items.pickup.<Item ID>: Erlaubt einem Spieler Items mit der ID <ID> aufzuheben.

modifyworld.items.use.<Item ID>.on.block.<Block ID>: Allows a player to use items with the ID <ID>. E.g. flint and steel, etc...

modifyworld.items.throw.<Item ID>: Erlaubt einem Spieler Items mit der ID <ID> zu werfen. Zum Beispiel Eier oder Tränke.


modifyworld.damage.deal.<Object>: Allows a player to attack <object>.

modifyworld.damage.take.<Object>: Allows a player to take damage from <object>.

modifyworld.mobtarged.<Object>: Allows a player to be followed by <object>.

modifyworld.interact.<Object>: Allows a player to interact with <object>. E.g. villagers, cows...

modifyworld.tame.<Object>: Allows a player to tame <object>. Only 'animal.ocelot' and'animal.wolf' are possible.


modifyworld.vehicle.destroy.<Vehicles>: Allows a player to destroy <vehicle>.

modifyworld.vehicle.enter.<Vehicles>: Allows a player to enter <vehicle>.

modifyworld.vehicle.collide.<Vehicles>: Allows a player to collide with <vehicle>.



player.<Players>: The player <Player>.

group.<Group>: All players of a specific permissions <group>. Only compatible with PermissionsEx!


animal.ocelot: Ocelots

animal.oncelot.<Player>: All tamed Ocelots from <Player>.

animal.chicken: Chicken

animal.cow: Cows

animal.mushroomcow: Mushroom cows

animal.pig: Pigs

animal.sheep: Sheep

animal.squid: Squids


monster.blaze: Blazes

monster.cavespider: Cave Spiders

monster.creeper: Creeper

monster.enderman: Endermen

monster.ghast: Ghast's

monster.giant: Giants

monster.pigzombie: Zombie pigmen

monster.silverfish: Silverfish

monster.skeleton: Skeletons

monster.slime: Slimes

monster.spider: Spiders

monster.zombie: Zombies


npc.villager: Villagers

snowman: Snowmen

irongolem: Iron Golems


minecart: Minecart

boat: Boat