Mod Installation for Farming Simulator 2013

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  1. To install Modifications on a Farm Simulator 2013 Server, you must first go to the Nitrado Web Interface.
  2. Click on the Web Interface button on the page. Go to image
  3. you have to click on the link to the agricultural simulator-Webinerface To the picture
  4. If you have opened the page in your browser, click Mods To the picture
  5. Then click on "Modify Files" and select the mod. [Modify the mod] To the picture
  6. If the mod is selected press the upload button To the picture
  7. It is only necessary to go back to Home and the mod to enable mods. To image
  8. If you press Activate now the Mod is Installed. To image

Alternatively, the Multi Mod Uploader can be used, simply drag the Mods into the Multi Mod Uploader window.

Additional information


DLC'S and extensions are installed just like mods with the difference that they are already uploaded.