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Here we present all server admins the new missions of the DLC CSLA Iron Curtain.

All missions can be read out via the config viewer in the editor of Arma3 itself.

List of missions

Mission description Mission Name Mission Folder
Battlefield CSLA_SP_Battlefield.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_battlefield.stozec
Same Old CSLA_SP_Classics.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_classics.stozec
Manava CSLA_SP_Manava.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_manava.stozec
Meeting Point CSLA_SP_MeetingPoint.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_meetingpoint.stozec
On Mission CSLA_SP_OnAMission.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_onamission.stozec
Rebellion CSLA_SP_Riot.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_riot.stozec
EXPO Vltava 86 CSLA_SP_Showcase.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_showcase.stozec
Chase CSLA_SP_Stvanice.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_stvanice.stozec
Campers CSLA_SP_Tabornici.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_tabornici.stozec
Tank Fields CSLA_SP_TankFields.stozec csla_sp_missions\csla_tankfields.stozec
Capture the Flag
"[CH 30] Capture and Hold (Obendorf)" CSLA_MP_CTF_03.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_ctf30_luki03.stozec
Anarchy [DM 10] CSLA_MP_DM_Anarchy.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_anarchy_dm10.stozec
Anarchy Strasice [DM 10] CSLA_MP_DM_Anarchy_Strasice.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_anarchy_dm10_strasice.stozec
Survival [DM 10] CSLA_MP_DM_Survive.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_survive_dm10.stozec
Main Mission
Operation LIPNO [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_Lipno.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_operacelipno_sc20.stozec
End Game Volary [EndGame 20] CSLA_MP_ENDGAME1.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_volary_endgame20.stozec
End Game West [EndGame 20] CSLA_MP_ENDGAME2.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_west_endgame20.stozec
Cleaning [CO-20] CSLA_MP_COOP_Cleaning.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_cleaning_co20.stozec
Combat Patrol US [COOP10] CSLA_MP_COOP_CombatPatrol.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_combatPatrol_co10.stozec
Combat Patrol CSLA [COOP10] CSLA_MP_COOP_CombatPatrol_east.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_combatPatrol_co10_east.stozec
Warlords CSLA (full) [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_Warlords_Full.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_warlords_full.stozec
Warlords Lite EAST [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_Warlords_Lite_East.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_warlords_lite_east.stozec
Warlords Lite NW [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_WARLORDS_LITE_NORTWEST.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_warlords_lite_nw.stozec
Warlords Lite WEST [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_Warlords_Lite_West.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_warlords_lite_west.stozec
Warlords CSLA (medium) [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_Warlords_medi.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_warlords_medi.stozec
Warlords CSLA (mini CE) [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_WARLORDS_MINI_CENTRAL.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_warlords_mini_ce.stozec
Warlords CSLA (mini NE) [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_WARLORDS_MINI_NORTHEAST.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_warlords_mini_ne.stozec
Warlords CSLA (mini) [SC 20] CSLA_MP_SC_Warlords_mini_west.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_warlords_mini.stozec
ZEUS Missions
CSLA Zeus [ZEUS 1+13] CSLA_MP_ZEUS_Zeus.stozec csla_mp_missions\csla_zeus.stozec

Setting In The Mission Cycle

! Important, to load the missions correctly from the server, the item Auto Init must be activated under Settings > General !

Enter the mission in the Server.cfg:

class Missions {
    class ARMA3 {
        template = "CSLA_MP_COOP_Cleaning.stozec";
        difficulty = "Regular";

For multiple missions, the following mission cycle must be entered in the Server.cfg.

class Missions {
    class coop_01 {
        template = "CSLA_MP_COOP_Cleaning.stozec";
        difficulty = "Regular";
    class coop_02 {
        template = "CSLA_MP_COOP_CombatPatrol.stozec";
        difficulty = "Regular";
    class coop_03 {
        template = "CSLA_MP_COOP_CombatPatrol_east.stozec";
        difficulty = "Regular";

Load Missions As Admin

If your server does not want to start with the mission:

Log in with #login <adminpassword> in the chat of your server by admin

With the command #missions in the chat, you can see all the missions of the server and switch to the desired one.

Community Missions

These are some of the community missions available in the Steam Workshop

  1. Dynamic Recon Ops - Gabreta