Max Tamed Dino's for ARK: Survival Evolved

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Here you will learn how to increase the max tamed dinos of your server. There is no "Unlimited" Setting, and there is no way to disable the setting. To increase the number of tame's this must be set to an arbitrary number. Follow the instructions below in order to learn how to alter this value.

Important: Please stop the Gameserver and wait for it to be completely stopped before performing any of the actions listed below!

Altering the value in the General Settings

After activating expert mode, follow these steps:


  • You will find the value "Maximum amount of dinos tamed" in the "Gameplay" section


  • Increase value to your liking
  • Save changes
  • Turn on your server

Altering the Value with Expert Mode

You will need to first activate the expert mode of your server: Expert Mode for ARK Servers

After activating expert mode follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the web interface of your server
  • Stop your server and wait for 3-5 minutes
  • Go to Settings > Expert Settings
  • Select your Game.ini from the drop-down menu
  • Load the file
  • Once loaded you will need to place Maxpersonaltameddinos=NUMBER under the [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]
    • Set an arbitrary value. We suggest using 1500 or less.
    • Example Maxpersonaltameddinos=1500
  • Save Changes
  • Start your server and the changes will be applied

Altering the Value with Engine Settings

You will need to be sure that Expert Mode is deactivated:

  • Navigate to your Web Interface
  • Stop your server and wait from 3 to 5 minutes
  • Navigate to the Engine settings of your server.
  • Scroll to "Custom Game.ini Settings"
  • Enter Maxpersonaltameddinos=NUMBER into the field
    • Set an arbitrary value. We suggest using 1500 or less.
    • Example Maxpersonaltameddinos=1500
  • Save changes
  • Start your server for changes to take effect