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PlayerLands allows for customization of your store, here is an overview of the options.


Categories are used as folders or separators for your products, so your players can quickly find what they want to purchase.

This is extra useful in case you want your players to be able to filter through weapons, items or even armor.

Playerlands Cathegories.png


Here you can add, edit, and delete products for sale.

You can find our guide for this on this link.

Community Goals

A way to have players contribute to a single goal, this makes it, so the server will run a command once the price is met much like products but with community goals you can get many players contributing to it at once.


Here you can set discount events, buy "X" and get "Y" events as well as setting discounts on individual products.

Playerslands discount one.png

Playerlands discounts two.png


Here you can manage your store options such as switching the currency (currently only GBP, EUR, USD).

Playerlands store settings one.png

You can also manage your subdomain, make custom checkout settings and manage more technical options like your webhooks and discord bot.