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Sign up for PlayerLands at PlayerLands

Once your store is created, and you have set up a couple of products, you will want to link your Minecraft server in order to start selling.

While PlayerLands does need for you to install their plugin into your server, we have worked with them to make this process as simple as possible.

For this, you are going to have to log back into your store page

Playerlands Shop Minecraft.png

The store page will automatically detect your servers and show them on the right side of the screen when your Nitrado account is linked to your PlayerLands Account.

Thanks to this you can identify the server you want to link and click the "deploy" button, then enter a name for the linked server, make sure the server is stopped during this time as the plugin will be automatically installed.

Playerlands Minecraft Plugin File Browser.png

You can verify that the plugin was correctly installed on your server by heading to your Web Interface and going to your "plugins" folder in the "File Browser" section.

You can also Manually Install The PlayerLands Plugin For Minecraft in case this process failed.

At this point, you are ready to start selling products on your server!