Installing Primitive+ DLC on ARK: Survival Evolved

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This article explains how to install the Primitive+ DLC on a Nitrado hosted ARK: Survival Evolved server.

Important information: Read before proceeding

At the moment, the DLC's functionality can only be ensured when running a new save game and no further mods. Using an old save game and mods, which aren't explicitly marked as compatible may cause errors and even prevent the server from starting.

Installation on a Nitrado game server

The following steps explain how to enable the Primitive+ DLC:

  • Log in to your Nitrado account on
  • Navigate to 'My Services' and open the server's web interface (3 gears symbol)
  • Stop the game server and wait for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Remove any old save games if there are any
    • Navigate to Tools > File Browser
    • Go to arkse/ShooterGame/Saved
    • Delete or rename the SavedArks folder
  • Navigate to Settings > Mods + WorkShop
  • Remove all mods from "Active Mods (IDs)" which don't explicitly state that they are compatible with Primitive+
  • Search for "Total Conversion Mod ID" and enter "111111111" (without the quotes)
  • Save the current settings via the green button in the bottom left corner
  • Start the game server
  • Your server should be available in-game within the next couple of minutes (Please allow some time for the server to generate a new map and download the DLC)
  • Primitive+ is loaded if your server shows the following mod name in the server browser:

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