Installing Mods on Farming Simulator 17

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  1. To install modifications on a Farming Simulator 17 server, it is necessary to use the web-interface.

    When The Farming Simulator Webinterface is opened.

    Mods can now be uploaded to the server via the web interface. #To have the mods start with the game server It is necessary to activate the mods when the server is stopped under the "Home" menu item

Additional Information

  • Mods used via the Farming Simulator Web Interface can be deactivated again. To do this, simply select the mod in 'Active Mods' and click Disable.
  • Mods can only be uploaded in .zip format.
  • Mods in the .exe format must first be installed on your own computer and then uploaded from the folder %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator17\mods.
  • The desired modifications can be downloaded on various platforms.
  • There is no guarantee that mods will work correctly, unfortunately.

DLC's / Extensions

DLC'S will automatically be pre-installed by Nitrado; A separate installation is not necessary. The DLC's can be activated via the Farming Simulator Dedicated Server Web Interface.