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To install Valhalla Map, please follow these steps:

1. Stop the server (FTP)

2. Under Game Change Ark: Survival Evolved Uninstall. (DO NOT REINSTALL)

3. Reinstall the server.

4. After the installation please do not make any settings just connect and go out again.

5. Do not make any changes just stop.

6. Load Valhalla Mod folder + .mod id to the server via ftp (mandatory: with FTP).

7. Under Settings -> Settings, select the Map Valhalla and enter the mod Id. Card start parameters: / Game / Mods / 504122600 / Valhalla and Active Mods (IDs): 504122600

8. Now do not make any further changes, just start the server.

9. Have fun on the map Valhalla.

If you follow these instructions you will have the map Valhalla on the server.

Please note that when updating the Map Valhalla, the entire Mod folder must be uploaded to the server via ftp, otherwise the server will not start.

All new modifications you have now also to upload ftp to the server and update itself.