Install Mods On A Path of Titans Server

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Here we show you how to set up mods on your own server.

Considerations for Mods

You can find the available mods in the game by clicking the "Mods" button in the main menu.

If you are interested in modding for Path of Titans yourself, please check out the Path of Titans modding page.

Please note that not all Mods support all platforms.

For example, some map mods are too graphics-intensive to run on cell phones. This means that mobile players won't be able to join your server if such a map is set up.

In general, most creature and skin mods are compatible with cell phones, but many map mods do not run on cell phones. Therefore, please ask the mod authors for more information on which platforms their mods support.

Every time your server restarts, it automatically checks to make sure it is using the latest version of all mods. Many different mods are shareable (stackable) and can be used on the server.

Stackable Mods

Stackable mods are mods that can be shared on the server.

The following mods are stackable:

- Skin, creator mode item and creature mods are stackable.

- Mods to change properties are stackable as long as they don't edit the same creatures

- Card mods are not stackable, as you can only run one card at a time


Start your Path of Titans via the Alderon Game Launcher,

in the main menu you will find the item "Mods", click on it and you are now in the mod search.


Find Mod ID

Using the example of the mod "German Shepherd" we will now show you how this can be installed.

Search once for the mod and then click on the mod in question.

We recommend here to set the selection to "Compatible", because otherwise it can happen, as shown in the example, that the mod is not compatible with your game.


As you can see in the picture, we find under ( 1 ) the mod ID UGC_M_DYV7XYEGX2_SK

and at the dot ( 2 ) we see if the mod is compatible, in our special case the mod would not be compatible anymore.

Add Mods

Mods are added to the GameUserSettings.ini entered, under the item [PathOfTitans.Mods].

If this area does not already exist, please create it, preferably at the very bottom of the file.

You can find the file in the following folder directly via "Tools > File Browser".

Path: pathoftitans/PathOfTitans/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini

Mods are created with the Mod ID(UGC_M_DYV0XMY7GX_SK ) registered for our German Shepard.

Each mod must always be preceded by the followingEnabledMods= and the mod itself must be in double quotes.

Pro-Tip: Add comments to your configuration, so you always keep track.

As an example: ;German Shepard Mod

Here is an example of how the mods can be entered into GameUserSettings.ini

;German Shepard Mod (this is a example of mod stacking)

Use Mod Map

If you want to play a Mod Map on your server, it must be added to theGame.ini be entered.

You can find the file in the following folder directly via "Tools > File Browser".

Path: pathoftitans/PathOfTitans/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini

Under the item [/Script/PathOfTitans.IGameSession] you now add the following line.

ServerMap=TheGrimExpanse (Alternatively, any other map you want to play on your server can be entered).

The map must be entered exactly as it is listed under Mods, only without spaces in the name.

Here is an example of how the map can be entered in Game.ini