I want to change the settings on my ARK server

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Use the instructions below to learn how to alter your Nitrado ARK server.

Making Changes

We will need to start by logging into Nitrado.net and selecting "My services". There are two ways to access your web interface:

  • Go to Nitrado.net
  • Navigate to "My Services"
  • Select the small icon with three gears located in the right-hand column.

Service line.png

  • Here on the dashboard will be the location of your IP address and other important information
  • On the left-hand side under "settings" is where you can customize your server to your liking.
    • General Settings will encase the base settings and multipliers to be changed.
    • Engine Settings will encase some widely used options for advanced configurations.
  • Make the changes you wish to apply.
  • Use the green "Restart Server" button in order to apply the changes made.

Your server will restart and you will be able to use the settings applied accordingly when the server is online.