I have a recent crash log

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There are many reasons why ARK: Survival Evolved can throw a crash log.

The most frequently occurring one is because the game is suddenly unable to load the world save.

The Solution

  • Go to your Nitrado Web Interface
  • Select Restore Backup
  • If only map saves were lost (no player saves were lost).
    • Select a map save backup from a date before the crash log.
    • You can look at the file sizes of the different map saves, if you notice a drastic difference in file size, try reverting a backup just before the filesize changes dramatically.
    • Restart your server after selecting a backup
  • If the above method does not bring your server back online.
    • Select a "Server Backup" backup from an earlier date.
    • Allow the system to restore a backup, this may take a while (please be patient as your server can restart multiple times).