How to set up a PixARK Nitrado Server

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Greetings, here we will learn how to set up the basics of our PixARK Server.

Making Changes

  • Navigate to
  • At the top right, underneath your username, click "My Services"
  • Select the web interface login button on the right (Three Little Gear Cogs)
    • This will bring you to the Web interface dashboard. The Dashboard is the driver seat of the server.
  • To start customizing, click "Settings ->> General"
  • Here you will customize your Server name and settings.
    • Customize your Settings
    • Save changes
  • Restart Server to apply your changes on start-up

Server name and Password

  • Follow the Instructions for making changes and navigate to your Web interface
  • Enter the General Settings on the left-hand side
  • Here you can change your server Name
    • You also have the option to change your password so you can "Lock" your server
  • Be sure to save changes and restart the server to apply the server name and password

Config Files

When using the config files of the server, be sure the server is stopped first. We suggest the following steps:

  • Navigate to the web interface of your server. (see above)
  • Stop your server with the red "Stop Server" button
  • On the left select "Settings" ->> "Config Files"
    • Make the changes you desire
  • Save Changes
  • Restart Server to apply your changes on start-up

How to Connect

Connecting is Simple and Easy! We suggest using the steam servers browser and adding the server to your favorites. Here are some helpful instructions: