How to properly install Oxide 2.0 and enter admins

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Installation of Oxide 2.0

Configure Server
The first step is to check whether the server has the oxide option activated

This option is found under "Settings">"General" in the web interface.
Oxide webinterface.png

With the next restart, the Rust server starts with the latest Oxide version.

Add Admins


  • An AdminTool (Recommended is RustAdmin)
    • Rcon data for the tool:
      • IP: YOUR IP
      • Port: listed on your web interface in the dashboard
      • Rcon Port: listed on your web interface in the dashboard below the usage graphs
      • Rcon Password: YOUR RCON PASSWORD on the General settings of your web interface

Now the SteamID is needed. The profile URL can be copied in Steam profile with right-click. This link can now be inserted into the SteamID-Converter.

If this is done, RustAdmin can be logged in. (Please note: If "Copy" and "Paste" is used, one or more bookmarks may be creeping in).

Once you are successfully connected to the tool, the following command can be executed:

Ownerid SteamID

For example:

Ownerid 1234567 And, confirm by pressing the Enter key.

Then run the "server.writecfg" command to save the changes.

Now there are 3 new files (bans.cfg, server.cfg y users.cfg) in the following directory:/rust/server/serverprofile/cfg

In the users.cfg file, the following must be entered: ownerid STEAMID64 "Nameless" "without reason" To add non-Admin players, it is only necessary to copy this line with the corresponding SteamID.