How to become OP in Minecraft Bedrock

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Servers are generally managed by administrators and operators. The administrator generally takes responsibility for the server. It may be that the server is running from their machine, or that they simply have jurisdiction over a server. Operators generally assist the administrators to moderate a server and to prevent unruly players and griefers. Both operators and administrators have access to various commands in order to ensure the smooth running of the server. On a default server, players are assigned as operator or administrator by using the /op <playername> command, or by editing the ops.json in the server directory, then restarting the server.

Become an operator through the Live Server Console

  1. Navigate to your Nitrado web interface
  2. Go to Tools -> Live Server Console On the left side of the page.
  3. Type there the command op <PlayerName>, and enter. For example: op EpicGamer729


If the command has been entered properly, and it took effect, the Live Server Console will respond with a message "Opped: <ThePlayerNameYouEntered>". For example, Opped: EpicGamer729

Now you will be able to use operator commands on your server freely.