How to add mods to a Project Zomboid server

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Add mods through the Project Zomboid server web interface

First, we need to gather the information about the Mod we intend to add using the Workshop on Steam.

When it comes to Project Zomboid, the mods will require to be added directly into the configuration files, through the Web Interface.


You should then be able to see the information stored in the servertest.ini file.

This is your Server's most important configuration file, it contains most of the preferences for your Game-Server that will affect almost every aspect of the Game. Including the Mods you want to add.

The properties you need to locate on this file are Mods= and Workshopitems=



The following is an example of how the mods need to be entered properly:



(Each mod name and ID needs to be separated by a semicolon ";")

Any other formatting will not work with the Server and the Mods will not be added.

Additionally, It is important to have both the information of the Mods listed in order.